Croatia, France · 6 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Henry's tour through Croatia

29 July 2017

Split part 1 We arrived in Split late at around 9. We were met at the station by our school friends. They were on a big group holiday and a small group of them had a flight delayed. So we were met by 8 of our friends at the station. Me and Sammys good friend Jess walked us to our hostel whilst the other tried to find a table for 10 in central split. We had a enjoyable dinner and then went for drinks. After drinks some of the group returned to there hostel as they had an early flight next day. However a few did stay out and took us to the club. The club was good fun however we were only there for an hour. We said good buy to the rest of the group and headed back to the hostel. In the morning me and sammy went straight to beach. Sadly the beach was not sandy but it was still really good. As the sea was warm and really clear! After this we went sea kayaking for an hour. This was a great fun because we go to explore a bit more. After our beach trip we headed band to the hostel to chill.

25 July 2017

The train to Zagreb Croatia... On the train to Croatia we were in a closed off seating area for 6 people (like Harry Potter). Taking up the 4 spare seats were 3 girls from Birmingham. At first I thought the journey would be a night mare as they would be very noise. However they were great fun. We played hours of I am under that hat who am I and card games. They made the 7 hours pass a lot quicker. On top of this they were hilarious. Further more they even educated us on what a 'pork kob' was. A very good train ride however left me behind on the blog

23 July 2017

When we arrived Zagreb we were both very tired as the train didn't get in till 9:20. We showered and went out for dinner. Zagreb seemed nice but for a Saturday night not a lot seemed to be happening. One thing that did amaze us was how far our money got us. For €15 we shared a starter each had a main corse and a large bottle of beer. Then we went for a walk and bought a water each for the room and then went for a glass of wine in a bar and it came to less than €15. The following day we went for another walk and found some breakfas/lunch. Then we checked out and headed for the train station. The train we got on was tiny and half way through the journey the train stopped and we had a 15 min break to stretch our legs in the middle of know were. This was really cool as the scenery was stunning!