Costa Rica · 8 Days · 10 Moments · August 2018

Henry, Jake, and Kev’s Costa Rica Trip

24 August 2018

Didn’t have anything planned for today, so we slept in till 8am, then hung around the hotel for a bit. We were able to last minute book a Can-am (picture attached) tour, which because we called late ended up being just us a private guide which was cool. He was pretty lenient with what we did, so did a lot of racing through mud, dirt trails, and rivers. We stopped about half way through at this really cool waterfall, then are going to dinner and hanging out tonight before we drive to San Jose tomorrow morning to go catch our flight. Caught some great sunset action as well.

23 August 2018

Today was our big fishing trip, so we were up and out of the hotel by 6:30am and right on the water. On the way out to where we were fishing 20-30 miles off the coast, we saw a huge whale that was probably 10 feet from the boat, a dolphin, and then Jake reeled in a 80-90 pound Sailfish within an hour of our lines being in the water (Video on the GoPro). Unfortunately, that was the only thing we caught all day while trolling for big fish. Towards the end, just to catch some stuff, we dropped some lines to the bottom and ended up pulling in probably 10 fish, a mix between some grouper, snapper, and this mackerel tuna thing. We are taking all or catch to this place in town so they can cook it up for dinner which should be good. Picture of our full fish spread added.

21 August 2018

To continue... we got the hell off the top of the mountain, grabbed some breakfast at base camp on the way down. And proceeded to hike the rest of the 20km all the way down to the bottom. We were lucky enough to shower at the prior hotel, and then drove down to Manuel Antonio where we hit a happy hour, and just hung out the rest of the night. Today, all very sore, we ventured down to the beach and hung out there most of the day.

20 August 2018

From our hotel, we set out at 5:30am to start hiking up the mountain. Was a lot harder than anticipated, with roughly 9k vertical feet to climb and 13 miles to the base camp where we were staying for the night. Ended up taking us roughly 5 hours to get to the top, but we’re dead by the time we made it. The rest of the day we hydrated, rested, played cards, ate dinner and then we’re in bed by 7pm. The next morning, after our short nap, we woke up at 2:15am to start hiking to the peak for sunset, headlamps, flashlights, lots of warm gear. The beginning of the hike, the sky was clear, stars were out, but as we got closer and began climbing the vertical rocks to the top, the fog, wind, and slight rain rolled in. Got to the top at roughly 4:30am, threw on every warm thing and poncho we brought, and bunkered down, hoping the fog would go away so we could see the sunrise (or anything at all for that matter). Unfortunately that never happened, so we took some pics, drank the beers we brought..

19 August 2018

Hotel Rio Chirripo Lodge was quite the place. Here are a few pictures of our room and the hotel. Once we got to Rivas we checked in and then went to pick up our hiking permits and grab some last minute supplies. Then we headed back to the hotel to relax a bit and get everything packed for our hike. More pics/descriptions to come.
A couple quick pictures of the place we stayed last night in San Jose (Hotel Presidente) after finishing up the rafting trip. They dropped our rental car off at the hotel this morning and we ventured to Rivas (the small town we are staying in before the hike tomorrow morning).

17 August 2018

A couple more pics of the area around the lodge we stayed at and a waterfall we walked to. Dinner at the lodge was tilapia, veggies, and mashed potatoes and they made some really good pina coladas for us. It poured incredibly hard most of the night, and the guides weren’t sure if we would be able to raft the next day because the water level rose so much so quickly. Thankfully by the morning it had calmed down a bit, so we went for a hike in the morning to this waterfall and then spent the next 4 hours or so rafting. Had some serious rapids today and the scenery through the river was incredible, should have some good GoPro footage and pics once I can get those onto my computer. Now we are heading back to San Jose where we are staying for the night, then tomorrow morning we drive out towards the little town at the base of the mountain we are going to climb.
The Eco-lodge we are staying at is awesome. Our room overlooks the river, there is a sketchy bridge you can walk over to the waterfall, no WiFi or service at all, some great hammocks to hang in, and I’m sure the food will be good. They also have beers which is exactly what we needed. We pulled all the rafts out at 1:30pm or so and then we’re doing a hike a little later, and so far the weather is holding out today.
Got picked up at 5:30am this morning to head out on our rafting trip. Two hour drive or so to their restaurant/HQ where we had a big breakfast (second breakfast for us), which was rice and beans, fruits, and omelettes. We picked up a few others on the way and head into the valley to the drop off point on the Pacuare River. All the pics and videos of our first rafting day are on the GoPro for obvious reasons, but it was pretty fun and we took a bunch of stops to swim in these super clear pools and stuff.

16 August 2018

Got to our first hotel no problem. Weather was a bit rainy most of the afternoon/evening, but during he rainy season that is the norm, beautiful in the mornings and then clouds and rain usually roll in later in the day. For dinner we went to one of the oldest “sodas” which is what they call little local sit down places that serve quick Costa Rican food. Had the feel of a Johnny Rockets almost, but we got this sandwich called “El Gordo” (the fat), which was chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, grilled onions, tomato, and then we split some chicken rice and beans which was also so good.