Belgium, Netherlands · 3 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Henry's adventure in Netherlands

17 July 2017

Day 2 in the Dam! Part 1 For obvious reason we decided to have a slight lie in on our second day in the Dam. We went out for a quick croissant and coffee in our local area before getting the tram to the Heineken beer factory. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Amsterdam. In its peak 4800 tourists visit it a day. The tour was Amazing and well worth €16. The tour was extensive and showed every thing from the history of the beer, to the brewing process and even a lesson in the correct way to drink beer. We also given two pints on their roof top bar with stunning views of Amsterdam. However it was raining so we weren't out there for to long. On departure we where handed a stylish Heineken bottle opener which is very convenient as that is one of the items we didn't pack. Following this we got a bite to eat and returned to the hostel to chill. We then went into centre for dinner. After this we went for a wonder but decided to stay off the beer for the evening.
Day 1 in Dam! Part 2 As sammy is doing a gap year for his old school next year! That just shows how small the world really is. After this we decided it was dinner time. We got the 14 tram back into town. We ate pizza and then went to the pub. Sadly Amsterdam is full or Irish pubs so it was just full of loud stag does. This wasn't the worse thing in the world and was quite amusing however lacked cultural. It would of been nicer to find a local bar. This said we still proceed to get drunk for the first time properly the whole trip. We finished the evening and day 1 in the Dam with a window shopping trip down the red light district. Which was a real eye opener... literally. Then it was off to bed.
Day 1 in the Dam! Part1 Me and Sammy have both decided that we love Amsterdam as soon as we got off the tram in the main square! Our hostel was located in the suburbs in a very quiet area. This was not a problem as we could easily get the number 14 tram right into the centre less than 15 minutes. When we arrived in the centre of the city we found a quick bite to eat. After we set off exploring the winding canals of Amsterdam. It was unlike Paris and Brussels as it was cleaner and less hectic. Every one seemed more relaxed... I wonder why? We then proceeded to visit the sex museum. I can honestly say it was one of the strangest experiences of my like however sammy seemed to enjoy it. After the sex museum we decided dinner could wait so we headed back to the hostel to relax. At the hostel sammy bumped into his primary school headmaster where coincidently staying in the same hostel on a sports tour. What is even weirder is that he is going to be Sammys boss next year!

16 July 2017

Day 2 in the Dam! Part 2 We had a game of pool in a bar sammy won... It was raining a lot and Amsterdam on Sunday is a lot more of empty than it is on a Saturday night. It was also raining a lot. After pool we took a sober stroll down the red light district and it really sank in how serial the whole of Amsterdam really is. Then it was off to bed as we had an early check out of 10:15. Now It's off to Berlin which we are both very exited for! P.s we may or may no have visited a coffee shop but only to soak up the 'culture'

15 July 2017

Currently on the train to the 'Dam'. Will be arriving at 14:42 local time. First order or business is to drop our bags off and find some coffee ...