United States of America · 9 Days · 39 Moments · June 2015

Henke's road trip Summer 2015!

3 July 2015

Some pictures from yesterday's adventure :) Ha Ha Token Castle Ruins, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri

2 July 2015

We toured today :) Went to the Dam where they're trying to lower the water by 4 feet in two days because of all the rain the last couple days! This morning when we woke up after the thunderstorm last night, the water level had risen so much that the docks were submerged where they're attached to land. After the Dam, we went to Ha Ha Tonken castle ruins. So fun! Most of my pictures are on the real phone =) Chillin & relaxing now with dinner soon to follow :)

1 July 2015

Camped out in the neighbors basement during a storm "take cover" warning.
We had a great afternoon! Got to the condo at Lazy Days condo Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks. The girls & Brett swam in the lake while Jeremy's cousin Bob took Brian & Jeremy out bass fishing. After a great carne asada dinner (thank you Krans) we all headed to town & had frozen custard at Randy's. YUM. Now we're all camped out in a neighbors condo basement during a thunder & lightening storm while there is a storm advisory warning to take cover. Rain, thunder, lightening & possible tornadoes. Probably just a bunch of rain! But we'll be sure & stay down here until released. Emma is playing puzzle on the iPad with Nancy after chasing the dog in circles for ages. Hanging on the deck watching the storm or inside, we're comfy cozy.
Told Doodle that it's nap time...
Such a great traveler :)
On the road again! Just passed from Iowa into Missouri :) Missouri/Iowa State Line https://foursquare.com/v/4c9fbce20e9bb1f7a828f35f

30 June 2015

Emma has been such a great traveler! Happy girl on the road 😀 We have her princess suitcase with toys, books, activities from home and give her one at a time. Water in that monkey cup she got at the beginning(ish) of the trip. Secret new little toys in a backpack that we occasionally give her (maybe 2 or 3 so far since we left Vashon). She's very happy to have Brian & Renee along on this leg of the trip! We're currently 60 miles north of Des Moines, Iowa and headed south ;)
Traveling South towards Lake of the Ozarks :) We're in Iowa now!
On the road again :)
We left Brian & Renee's house in Goodland MN this morning & are headed south to Missouri now. They're coming too 😊 . We'll probably stop mid way & spend the night. It's about 12 hours away but Brian had to do some stuff in Grand Rapid before we left this morning so we couldn't go right away.

29 June 2015

And crossed the boarder to Wisconsin to go to Richard (Dick) Bong's memorial museum! (Ace fighter pilot in WW2)
And saw the bridge at the mouth of the harbor (Duluth/Lake Superior) go UP so a 1004 ship could go through!
"What is that Dad? A shark?"
Explored part of Duluth today :) The Lake Walk is awesome!

28 June 2015

When the girls went home, the guys continued on. They came home dripping mud. And promptly jumped into the lake (clothes, shoes & all) to get started cleaning off. Next up, Emma got to help Renee make homemade pizza dough & we made pizzas for dinner. Homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert! Treat!!
We had a great day today! Went to church with Brian & Renee at Calvary Chapel Northwoods. Between rain storms this afternoon we took the 4-wheelers out to play. The girls went for the first part of the trip (Emma said it was "Just like Disney Land!!") and we slowly accumulated her to riding. She started in the slower 2 seater and then took a ride with Mom. Thought that was great fun - especially after we took off on our own together. (On dirt road/trail) Then she took a ride with Daddy & we did some trail blazing.

27 June 2015

Awesome afternoon hanging with the Henderson's :) We played in the lake and did some 4 wheeling 😎

26 June 2015

We made it to the Henderson's just after 7:30 tonight!
Oh my gosh :) A bear just crossed the road in front of us!!
Should get to Brian & Renee's soon after 7 :)
Hehe. Different world! A pay phone at the rest stop AND someone is totally on it. Just chatting away :)
Nap time for Bug.
Sooooo beautiful.
Drive drive drive :) Bismark, ND
She's pretty excited about her monkey cup!
"Welcome to Legendary North Dakota"!! And still 75mph 😀
On the road again :) 7:30 local time. Headed east on 94 towards Goodland & our FAMILY there ;)

25 June 2015

Stopped for the night! Yay :)
First road side potty stop for Emma (non rest stop). Somewhere past Mile City on 94E.
Emma is pretending to take pictures too
"Um Mom, I think it's time for ferry."
Shadow Yukon
We are loving the 75 speed limit (aside from the random road work that brings it down to 45... Hopefully we're done with all that for awhile.)
Journey through Montana!
Driving through Idaho & Montana :)
After work last night we 3 hit the road! Other than sitting on I-90 for an hour (like, the car off & people randomly walking around, that type of sitting) we made pretty good time. Spent the night at a Shiloh Inn in Moses Lake. Now we're on the road, headed East! Emma keeps thinking 2 things: 1) We go visit Nuria & Xavi? Or at least have Xavi meet us at Brian & Renee's? 2) Is this the road to Brian & Renee's? We be there soon?

24 June 2015

Road trip fun