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Helen's adventures

22 January 2018

Hong Kong Disneyland
Semaphore road. Adelaide
San Francisco cruise bay
The Flowers are very beautiful and strong and it's still alive and still growing in the freezing weather conditions.

19 January 2018

It’s like the road to go to the heaven in winter time at Vancouver Canada.
Gold coast, Queen land, Australia

13 January 2018

Opera house, Sydney
Taking a photo with policeman in Mexico

11 January 2018

Lovely feeling when the snow is falling.

10 January 2018

Beautiful view at Niagara Falls.
A white field in front of my eyes

6 January 2018

Having lobster for lunch in the market of Boston.

30 December 2017

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California
San Francesco cruise bay. Alcatraz federal prison is the most famous prison for the dangerous crimes in America and that it is the place to made “ the rock “ movie produced famously

29 December 2017

This might be one of the most beautiful music I’ve ever seen in San Francisco .
San Francisco Bay cruise

28 December 2017

Looking at the fake sky in my picture when it looks real though, unbelievable incredible painting.
Las Vegas, America

27 December 2017

Washington DC, America
The Venetian is a part of Las Vegas and it feels like I am travelling in Italy
Hoover Dam ( Nevada & Arizona border, 1 hour difference between two states that you can just walk to )
Grand Canyon village
Mather point, Grand Canyon America

26 December 2017

21 December 2017

Market place in Boston

20 December 2017

Boston city .
The children at Quebec City are very comfortable and ready to go to church in the freezing weather of winter time, they’re so cute
Inside the beautiful church of the Quebec City

19 December 2017

Vieux-Quebec is a old city of Canada .
Feeling so great and more active to be warmer in freezing places
Parliament of Canada. Wintertime is a very romantic when you see snow falling everywhere and it’s so white and so smooth it’s like white fields right in front of your eyes.

18 December 2017

Old Toronto Canada
I don’t understand what the statue of people that are on the top of the building at my back in the Toronto Canada
In the Skylon tower I looked down to see and got all of these beautiful pictures
Young city, canada

17 December 2017

Niagara Falls from New York view is a beautiful place in the world and absolutely amazing no matter the whether how cold it is at night time. And you can see how beautiful the city light are of Canada, Niagara Falls seems like America’s and Canada’s border.

16 December 2017

Washington DC cruise,America
Independent national Historical Park - park headquarters at Philadelphia, America

15 December 2017

Military base in Manhattan
Wall Street, broadway ,New York

14 December 2017

12 December 2017

TITANIC Film production place, Mexico
Playas de Rosarito centri, Mexico
Mexico and America gate ( beach border )

11 December 2017

San Diego museum
The tent city, San Diego
Balboa park, San Diego
The Seal tour bay, San Diego
Embarcadero marina park

9 December 2017

8 December 2017

Universal studios Hollywood, LA
Hollywood movie studios
Hollywood Movie studios
Movie studios
Hollywood movie studios

7 December 2017

Griffith observatory
The sunset at Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
Walk of fame in Hollywood Los Angeles California
Santa Monica Mountain national reaction area Los Angeles

5 December 2017

Standley Park at Vancouver Canada
Vancouver Canada
Vancouver city

2 December 2017

Easy morning at coaling

30 November 2017

San Jose down town California

26 November 2017

Thailand island
King palace Bangkok Thailand. The tree at my back is a 100 years.
Vietnam floating market.
NA TRA small god valliage, Macau
Hong Kong
Semaphore Adelaide

23 July 2017


19 July 2017

18 July 2017

Bangkok Thailand

29 June 2017


28 June 2017

HongKong bay

27 June 2017

HongKong Disneyland

28 May 2017

Universal studios, Singapore

6 May 2017

8 January 2017

Opera house, Sydney Australia

24 December 2014

Kingston, South Australia