United States of America · 18 Days · 26 Moments · July 2017

American road trip

7 August 2017

5 August 2017

Last day😭 going to miss this so much seen so many amazing things. Leah made a nest out of her hotel bed and then we went to IHOP (a pancake restaurant) for lunch
Helicopter and boat ride😍

4 August 2017

Indian village at the Grand Canyon
Cactus forest🌵🌵
Spent the night at las vagas, and went down the street where all the casinos were later again. We also went to the circus circus casino

2 August 2017

Going down to the waterfall on a hike was probably the best part of my trip. Standing on the platform just inches away from the water you could feel the force of the water shaking it so much. It was unbelievable watching it flow so fast and then suddenly drop leaving a cloud of vapour rising from the bottom.

1 August 2017

Good morning! This is our second day at Yellowstone. First we saw the famous mammoth hot springs where you could see the salt dripping down and all the water evaporating, then we went to the upper tower falls (will show in next post)

31 July 2017

Some more of Yellowstone lake- looks like a sea, you can't see the end!!
We went to the old faithful which unfortunately only lasted 2 minutes but it was really incredible to watch and learn about the process of it happening and how tall it gets (500 feet). Then we visited Yellowstone lake and some other basins along the way. Another thing I didn't expect was how deep a few of the gaiser basins were, in most of them you couldn't see the bottom and it wasn't a gradual steepness as in the sea but an almost vertical slope down. At the lake there was a female elk standing directly next to the path so that you could almost touch it!
Some other points of the midway gaiser which looked so nice to swim in like a sauna. We also had picnic at the river
The first crater we visited- midway gaiser was truly amazing, never seen such extraordinary range of colours and structures in nature before. We were all truly taken aback

29 July 2017

We stopped off at Lake Tahoe, a relief after 7 hours driving and after another 5 hours. The water was truly amazing but unfortunately we forgot our swimming costumes so just went in our clothes. On the way back we saw the cutest baby squirrel!

28 July 2017

San Francisco
Today we drove through Silicon Valley and visited google etc. headquarters. One thing I really loved though that on the back of the Facebook hq sign it still has the old company's poster (7), idk I just found it funny.

27 July 2017

Not feeling great after staying up till 3 and waking up at 7 to head off again😂
Quick stop in Santa Cruz and then another 8 hours driving

26 July 2017

Roads and elephant seals!!!
OMG so today I actually visited a castle! It wasn't a real castle just a rich mans house but still, I usually hate castles?!
On the road some more...

25 July 2017

Beach day!
Peacock right next to our campervan?!

23 July 2017

Hollywood movies studio tour!
Universal studios!!

22 July 2017

Walk of fameeee
Just cool roadside sightings

21 July 2017