North America, Africa · 17 Days · 19 Moments · July 2017

Helene's adventure in Marrakesh, Marrakesh-Te

28 July 2017

25 July 2017

I've been sick since last Monday. It's time to come home. 😣

20 July 2017

19 July 2017

15 July 2017

Scroll across on the photos. Many are grouped by the application.
A lime and an olive tree. This is the best workshop ever! Everyone is so friendly.
Check out the food! One of the teachers here from Morrocco says this is not typical fare.
The first morning in the palace.
Well, the flight was late so we missed the connection and stayed all day in the Paris airport. Then, in Casablanca, more problems but finally, at 1:30 Morrocan time, we were in the hotel. Total time:34 hours. Whew! This hotel was a palace. Went to the breakfast buffet but didn't recognize many foods. Lots of sweet breads covered in bees, yes, not flies. We were showing away bees instead.

13 July 2017

Well, I'm stuck in Dulles because of a storm in New York. The flight was scheduled to leave at 6:15 and it's now 8:25. I hope they can get Faye, Joellen and me on a connecting flight to Marrakesh in the morning! I'm sitting on the Air France plane. It has two stories! The menu they gave us looks interesting. I think I'll order chicken in white mushroom sauce. Everyone around me is speaking in French including the pilot and attendants.

11 July 2017

Leaving Thursday, July 13 for an iEARN conference in Morrocco!