Argentina, Chile · 12 Days · 11 Moments · May 2017

10 June 2017

Also in San Pedro de Atacama, there as a festival. The townspeople all took it in turns to wear their local dress and chant around the streets clearly s very large celebration as the once brown streets were covered in blue and white confetti and music was played late into the night.
SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA After arriving in the middle of the night we were sure we were in the wrong place. It's such a small town completely made from mud,clay and concrete. It's situated at the foot of the Andes and has an altitude of 2400m. From here we booked our tour to take us along the salt flats and into Bolivia. Due to the altitude the temperature dropped significantly at night causing us to wear most items of clothing to bed as no place has insulation.

6 June 2017

5 June 2017

SANTIAGO A city in a bowl. This city is slap bang in the middle of the Andes. A range of activities from shopping to skiing occur here. San Cristobal is the mount in the centre of the city providing lovely views across the city. A pilgrimage walk up the steep mountain opens out into a small chapel and open aired church.

3 June 2017

CONCÓN The final town in the trio on the coast. It's reconstruction has meant alit of large modern buildings causing the more rich to move here. It is famous for its cheese and prawn empanadas and seafood... Fresh of course.

2 June 2017

VALPARAISO This 'city' is ever growing. From having one hill it has transformed to 52 in a short amount of time. The harbour was once very popular due to any exports from Europe to the western coast of America had to travel around the bottom of South America up with a pit stop here in Valparaiso. More recently people have taken up street art. Some of the most famous artists travel here to put their mark across the city and it is not changed until it's too worn out when someone will repaint over it.

31 May 2017

VIÑA DEL MAR A small coastal town wedged between Valparaiso and Concón. A lovely place for the first 'relaxing' part of the travel. As the Brits we are we have to go to the beach and of course are the only ones who go in the sea and sunbathe in the somewhat freezing weather for the locals. It is the more rich town on the coast so most people commute but during the day this leaves the town derelict.

30 May 2017

The spectral at drive through the Andes until the Chilean border, unaware of the climb in altitude made. 3500m and a 5 hour wait at the border crossing we enter chile, with the most beautiful sunsets cast across the mountains.