Europe, Asia, South America · 5 Days · 20 Moments · July 2017

Heinz's short trip to Sao Paulo around

4 August 2017

Never seen so many Jumbos before 😱😱

3 August 2017

A380 Emirates 🤗🤗🤗

2 August 2017

Ribeye steak @ Outback Steakhouse
Winter in São Paulo with 25 degrees C
Austrian flag for us at Mahle Jundiai

1 August 2017

Red sign means stop respectively break.
Picanha/Rumpsteak. Most famous cut in Brazil
Many different cuts of meat.
Crazy amount of meat. Rumpsteak, Filet, Ribs, Sirloin, ... I think everything you can eat. Even chicken, pork, ....
Start an incredible dinner at a typical Churrascaria. Green sign opens the serving all you can eat.
Caipirinha served directly at your table
@MAHLE Brazil in Jundiai

31 July 2017

São Paulo approached
Business Class at Emirates makes fun. A380 w/ own minibar and iPad🤓
DXB Emirates Lounge
Arrived @ Dubai Airport DXB

30 July 2017

Business class at Emirates. Wow. Only first short flight for today.
Wir starten mit einer Gebetsrunde in der Sky Lounge @ VIE