North America, Europe · 15 Days · 89 Moments · December 2016

Heidi & Michael & Family Paris, France

11 January 2017

Last night in Greece did some shopping and ate great food. Had to get up early for Thursday morning flight
Amazing way they carved the marble so long ago
Atop the Acropolis they are doing restorative work to the Parthenon
Went to the Acropolis on Wednesday. It was amazing but the weather was rainy and windy at the top of the hill

10 January 2017

Ended the night with another changing of the guard and kitties
Late lunch then resting then a little shopping and late dinner
More changing of the guard.
One of the coolest things here in Athens is watching the changing of the guard ...Awesome!!!
Went with Michael in the slippery snow and climbed lots of stairs to get to the Acropolis. It was not open today because of snow
Lots of great alleys with shopping
The Acropolis from the outside this morning covered in snow. Michael went up there early Tuesday morning

9 January 2017

Also on Aegina they are known for their pistachios and are a main export. Of course we got a huge bag for only 10€. Michael also had some pistachio ice cream. Overall the tour was great only wish I had felt better
On the last island Aegina we went on tour and saw an Orthodox Church and the ancient temple of Aphaea which was built around 500BC
In Hydra as well as the other islands there were Tons of cats! They were all friendly I was in heaven. I petted them all
Beautiful scenery heading to and between islands. I have felt horrible so did sleep some
Went on cruise to 3 islands today Hydra, Poros & Aegina. We were gone all day and saw some ruins on Aegina

8 January 2017

Made it to Greece on Sunday. I am struggling with a HORRIBLE sinus infection. We ate at a great restaurant Sunday night and the service was great! We even got a free extra dessert

7 January 2017

Traditional Hungarian pastry. You buy them straight off hot coals and they roll them in sugar or cinnamon or vanilla. yumm!
Nice shot of Basilica
Boob bag
St Stephens Basilica beautiful
Stopped by Hungarian market on way to basilica

6 January 2017

We went to a craft beer pub and I had German cola
Michael went out taking pictures in the freezing cold Friday night
This bar has a sand floor and they said on the sign like going to the beach
I took bread from hotel at breakfast so I could feed the birds
Yummy goulash for lunch
Funny sign
First stop today was the cave church----Catholic Church in side of mountain. It is VERY cold today so mom stayed in hotel.

5 January 2017

Went out with Michael to take night pictures but it is way too COLD. Came back in hotel for hot tea and cream brûlée
Went to a nice Hungarian restaurant for dinner Puli--great food! Went to a little market after where paprika and goose liver were a main sell
Buddha Castle was just an art museum. We toured around one floor and the elevator had Astro turf on floor like fake grass
Found a great market near Buddha castle and got mom a big fuzzy hood/hat as well as other finds
More pics overlooking Danube
Around the church and Buddha castle you can see great views of the Danube and city
Matthias is a big church beautiful interior

4 January 2017

Christmas lights still up very beautiful everywhere
Made it to Budapest ,Hungary. Much colder here but absolutely beautiful. Ate goulash at dinner Wednesday and plan to sight see Thursday. It gets dark early here around 4pm

3 January 2017

Ate at a great restaurant for dinner Monday night and they even had my book
The tide was out while we were there
Mont St Michel was amazing!
Mont St Michel---wow! So beautiful. I overdid my preggo self and did way too many stairs
The Utah beach history museum ---take a look at the placard of the boot picture
Utah beach so much history
This man was walking his Great Dane from his car

2 January 2017

French onion soup and lasagna for dinner then a stop at the church and grocery store
At our hotel the owner has a huskey that visits your room his name is macbo
More from Juno beach and all the history
Tank came off boat sunk in 4 meter deep hole and it got exhumed 35 years later now restored
Michael went out exploring on his own to juno beach where there were landing craft still in water
Omaha beach
Saw some bunkers etc while still at Omaha beach
Walked all around monument at Omaha beach
Headed to Normandy today it was awesome. Lots of tributes to our soldiers

1 January 2017

After dinner stroll - this was a beautiful photo stop
Bayeux at night and New Year's Dinner at Le Garde Manger. I asked for a mostly well burger---l got one still walking
You know just some pictures inside a big Christmas Ball
The Cathedral had a beautiful Normandy tribute
Beautiful Bayeux Cathedral. Very old wonderful architecture
Went to lunch at La Taverne Des Ducs and struggled with our limited French
Got a rental car and headed from Paris to Bayeux. Very cold outside with icy trees.

31 December 2016

We went to eat dinner on New Year's Eve at Chartier it is supposed to be a great French experience. It was my least favorite food so far. After we ate we went and got a crêpe which is one of my favorite sweet treats. There are lots of Starbucks over here as well and mom wanted another coffee so we went there but they would not let me use my American rewards
Takes about 45 minutes to go through the catacombs. There are a lot of stairs to go down to get to them and A lot of stairs to get back up to street level
The catacombs have 6 million skeletons lying in form
Got up early to go wait in line for the Catacombs. It was snowing and very cold. We got there before they opened and still had to wait for two or more hours

30 December 2016

Went out for 5 year anniversary dinner. We sat beside the nicest French lady that works for French consulate. We talked with her the entire time and she bought us dessert and told us about places to eat in France and things to do. She topped off dinner with champagne and a special nonalcoholic drink for me!
Looked st different foods being sold on the street then Tried out the Frogburger which sells craft beers
Went into St. Severing church
Shopping around looking in shops
Last of Norte Dame
Feeding the pigeons outside Norte Dame
More Norte Dame
Hit up Norte Dame first thing this Friday morning.

29 December 2016

After the Eiffel Tower & Champs-Élysées we headed to another Christmas Market then on to s cafe for crepes, coffee and crème brûlée
Walking down the Champs-Élysées seeing lots of the pricey stores
Saw the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles on the hour at night
I always get a scratch off and never win
Walking from Eiffel Tower we got some more good pics then had lunch at cafe with yummy French Onion soup
One of the cool Christmas markets
A few more Eiffel Tower. Since we are pushing mom in a wheelchair because of walking long distances---we are getting primo line jumping!
Eiffel Tower Thursday morning
Very cool hotel halls

28 December 2016

Dinner then coffee in lobby of our hotel. We are so tired from a long day and flight
Arc de Triumph. The line was to long to go up.
Made it to Paris-took the train then Uber to our hotel. Coffee and breakfast now off to sight see

27 December 2016

Finally on the very full plane to Paris!
From Greenville to Atlanta. On way to eat in Atlanta airport mom and me got stuck in elevator while Michael , Derek and Dee were outside door