North America, Europe · 11 Days · 101 Moments · December 2015

Heidi & Michael's trip to Terciera, Azores

7 January 2016

Goodbye to the hotel and this beautiful island!

6 January 2016

Dinner again tonight with our sweet friends
Please can I pet you before I leave?
Delicious fresh orange juice
Never a winner☹
Check out the broom!
Doing some shopping
This was exciting....cows and Bulls will be tied up to long ropes....I got chased down by a bull!!!! Michael was not able to get it on video!
Please let me pet you
Just having a ride on the donkey...look how he's sitting

5 January 2016

Dinner at a local restaurant in Angra. We met up with two more friends that were eating here so they joined us as well. We started off with an appetizer of barnacles....salty but tasty. Michael and I had a local dish that was something like pot roast that came out in a crock pot type dish this is the second time we had this in Terciera
Sitting at the hotel bar waiting on our friends. The bartender gave me a try of a local drink"puncha"(?)...made with passion fruit. Very tasty!
A beautiful sunset right outside of our hotel room... From the balcony
Look at the clouds rolling in. The weather can go from sunny too cloudy in a very short amount of time. And sometimes when you're driving it will certainly get cloudy/foggy just because you have changed elevation a bit.
The horse almost jumped to our car when we stopped. Lots of cows and animals are not really contained except by a drop-off
A beautiful park when a bunch of really cool picnic tables that were huge
There are lots of places to pull off and look out. This one particular spot has a staircase that goes down the side of a cliff. In the states they would not have something like this because it would be considered too dangerous
The countryside is beautiful
More pics by the water in Angra
Down by the water in Angra
A lady came and put corn out for the pigeons
One of the streets and our little rental Peugeot

4 January 2016

This Picture is hard to see but this is the town of Angra at night. Michael drove me up to a high look off point after dinner. Michael got some great shots with his camera
Walked around Angra for a few pictures
Ate at Marcelinos tonight. It was upstairs in a building in the town of Angra. The food was great...the owner prepared Michael's steak at the table which was really cool. The couple in the picture is from our hotel
Next was the Christmas Cave or Gruta do Natal. It was not as wet inside as the other cave but this was actually a lava tube. It had the original floor and we all had to wear hardhats and these strange hairnets. We did hit our head Psalm because in some places you had to bend down or almost to crawl through.
Algar do Carvão
Algar do Carvão is open on Monday and Wednesday. The name means cavern of coal. This is the inside of a volcano that has not erupted in a long time. We went with some of our new friends. It was very wet inside and a lot of stairs but there was a really cool lake at the bottom
Leaving gruta dos balcões...had to climb over some of those rock walls coming and going.
Back on the journey to gruta dos balcões...we finally found it!! We had headlamps but we did not have appropriate clothing or shoes. We had to walk through a lot of cow fields following our GPS. Our shoes were quite dirty and the ground was waterlogged. You can go all the way into the caves but again there was too much water and we were not dressed appropriately
Cows always everywhere and a beautiful tree lined street

3 January 2016

Went to a great restaurant on the other side of the island it was called Caneta's. My three pieces of steak came out very long so hard to stay home upside down at my table on a metal pole then poured hot garlic butter over it. For dessert I had a vinegar pudding which was very sweet and Michael had orange flan. We also went to dinner with three friends that we have met on the trip. Michael also bought one of those little chocolate eggs that has a toy in the center. Kleenex box in our hotel:)
Looking for a cave that was not marked and we were using GPS coordinates. It seemed like the cave was out in the middle of a cow field we started to walk out there but it was getting a little late we will save it for tomorrow. We drove all over the place looking for this Cave and the roads are so narrow sometimes you cannot find a place to turn around.
Yummy fried corn....tasted like Fritos corn chips
Part of a hiking trail that led to the only flat type beach we have seen
Another lava pool swimming area...this one was very intricately laid out
The fog can be crazy around here
The only graveyard we have seen....I don't think they have them here because of space. This graveyard was for military???
Coffee and some sightseeing
Tried to find a cave....found the staircase on the edge of a cliff....but no cave.
Interesting how far mom and some friends are from Michael and me

2 January 2016

Stopped off at a little cafeteria type place that had a time of homemade desserts....delicious!
All the Christmas likes are up and the town hall looks awesome. Michael also posed in front of the store where he bought his new jeans
Dinner was great. Everything has been very economical
Heading to eat in downtown Angra. The Christmas lights are beautiful
There were other sulfur puts close by but there were no road signs or markings as to where they were. We made a guess and walked a bit but no luck
This was Furnas Do Enxofre which are sulfur pits. The steam was coming out of the ground and of course was smelly
Lava fields near military base/airport. The 2 planes landing did like ours did...bumpy and tipping side to side.
Crazy wind near monument....could hardly walk

1 January 2016

Dinner at Beira Mar in Sao Mateus. Great fresh seafood
Found a look off and other beautiful places. So many places to see
These amazing waves
Headed toward lava pools they have made into a swimming area. The waves are so powerful
Toward the middle of the island the vegetation changes. The trees are beautiful. There are also cows everywhere....often just in the street:)
Drove around part of the island today. Went to see a crater that was Fog covered. So many beautiful places to see the ocean and sheer cliffs
We had another supper at 2 AM and once we had eaten that we decide to go outside take pictures by the 2016 sign and go to bed. The band was going to play until 4 AM.

31 December 2015

Nearing midnight the hotel brought each table 2 big bottles of champagne. They rang in the new year by changing the lighted sign and shooting off fireworks. Happy 2016!
There was a Portuguese band named the Mustards. They sang a couple of American songs in English but the rest were in Portuguese.
They were all different types of foods and desserts. We also got to know our new friend a little better.
The hotel had assigned seats which we got to sit with our friends. The hotel gave us goody bags and everything was very decorated.
Getting ready for a big New Year's party here at the hotel!
The hotel had a big New Year's eve party that started at 7:30 with drinks and appetizers we met up with some friends that we had met coming in the first day
Went into downtown Angra do Heroismo and went into an old church we also went shopping and found Michael some jeans. We also stopped at a really cool café and it was decorated really neat and had a really cool bathroom
We went to a place where you could swim when it is warmer weather. They have to make places for you to swim because there are no natural beaches.
Not far from the hotel today. 100% chance of rain today but it held off till lunchtime. We went to some places we could go down to the water.

30 December 2015

Ate at a great local Portuguese restaurant tonight. It's our anniversary too! The place was small but served traditional food. Michael and I only know a couple of Portuguese phrases and the couple that owned the restaurant did not really know English so they showed us pictures on their phone of the food for us to pick from. They were very nice and The lady that served us gave us two little Christmas tree ornaments that she made out of wine corks. She had a lot of neat things for Christmas made out of wine corks in the restaurant
Just a little info
A little roadside altar
The lookout was WINDY
Exploring one of the lookouts and saying hey to some cows
Ocean splashing on the lava rocks in front of our hotel
Top of Monte Brasil. You could see our hotel and all around part of the island. There was also a playground and something like a small zoo with some deer and different birds.
Rainbows and the ocean heading to the top of Monte Brasil
Castle of Sao Filipe/Sao Joao Baptista do Monte Brasil
This place that looks more like a fort was built in 1592.......Castle of Sao Filipe/Sao Joao Baptista do Monte Brasil
Heading up to the Castle of Sao Filipe/Sao Joao Baptista do Monte Brasil
This license plate made me think of my Dad:)
Traditional breakfast and a beautiful view
Beautiful morning ...calmer winds

29 December 2015

Geez...who can eat all of this? Cais de Angra restaurant
Headed out for the first time to take a look around. Michael is pretty good at finding his way around
Heading out and about
Finally got to the Hotel! Nice ocean front room. It's very windy today. We also got a rental car

28 December 2015

Water taxi back to the airport
You get to keep the glass😀
Doyle's....this restaurant has been around 32 years before Titanic!
Good bye brewery
Everyone got beer...3 glasses. Michael drank mine
Part of the tour
Ready for the tour
Cool stuff walking to Sam Adams
Got me a scratch off:)
Waiting on the subway headed to the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour
Water taxi trip
Waiting on the bus in Boston for our LONG layover
Sitting in Chicago now on to Boston
Starting our journey off bright and early.