North America, Australia and Oceania · 22 Days · 38 Moments · December 2018

Heath’s on tour!

2 January 2019

Rush hour in Hong Kong. A little overwhelming when you’re small I think!
We met a panda, and Eva’s first roller coaster ride!
Ferris wheel with Nana Heath
Up close with these beauts
Brilliant day at ocean park. Animals and rollercoasters, perfect x

1 January 2019

Hong Kong botanical gardens. A safe haven in the middle of chaos!
Reminiscing. James’ infant school and the view from his old house

31 December 2018

Stanley market with the girls.....learning the skills of negotiation!

28 December 2018

This just made me smile!

27 December 2018

The ‘big dig’ at the beach then the ‘festival of lights’ tonight. Even the mountain came out to see us!

25 December 2018

Awesome Christmas Day in NZ. Fab Christmas lunch......just in the garden!

24 December 2018

Gondola, luge rides and then a drive to New Plymouth down the forgotten highway. Another fab day finished off with putting food out for the reindeer!

23 December 2018

Awesome day on the River jet boat and a walk around Orakei Karako island. Amazing

22 December 2018

21 December 2018

Sleepy twins 🥰
Mummy mastered pétanque!
‘Wild in Waiheke’ for Madison’s birthday lunch
Rope swings at the beach house

20 December 2018

Waiheke island.....just beautiful. Amazing thunder storms last night and watching whales and dolphins from the balcony this aft. Chill out time

18 December 2018

Amazing who you bump into on the other side of the planet......besties reunited!!
9am in the botanical gardens in Auckland! Sooo hot!

16 December 2018

Last few hours in San for the airport and sunny (hopefully) New Zealand

15 December 2018

The lesson on steroids. Fab place
The elves have joined us and are still misbehaving!

14 December 2018

blue tongue skink.....took a shine to Eva
Aquarium of Bay......I want an octopus!
The mirror maze.....messed with our heads!
Musical stairs.....and I knew the girls loved each other really!
Alcatraz.....awesome place, even Eva enjoyed it eventually!

13 December 2018

Claude, the albino alligator!!
Ssssssnake encounter, experiments and penguin feeding at the Academy of Science.......I’m Not sure missing a week of school will do them any harm!
Shark eggs!
First American breakfast for the kids......they didn’t need lunch!

12 December 2018

And the journey begins.....