United Kingdom, Iceland · 19 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Heather's 2017 Moot in Iceland

31 July 2017

Lazy morning! Then afternoon shift at the cafe, did some coffee, some milk frothing and some time on the till. After dinner we did some Icelandic crafts, leatherwork and knitting!! Early shift tomorrow so I should go to sleep now - just need to tune out the snoring....

29 July 2017

So!! There are now 5000 + people on site, there is a huge welcome disco still going on...my first shift in the cafe was mental, queues out the door for the full 6 hours, Brazilians dancing on the tables..but it was fun! Hot spring photos from last night too, I went in the lake too, hot/cold/hot... Dutch disco last night with half time custard creams. X

27 July 2017

Busy day today, training for the support element of the cafe, then creating Tees for the frisbee golf. Basically we dug something that looked like a grave, filled it with gravel and topped it off with fake grass. I had my packed lunch sitting looking over the lake, the wind took half my sandwich though...but I managed to hang on to my chocolate bar. The wind is really strong today, lots of calls for emergency help to tie things down, a couple of marquees nearly went into the lake. To give you an idea, when you turn the outside tap on the wind blows the water sideways.. Despite the wind it is really warm and sunny, this is a heatwave for Iceland, normally 1 day like this and shops and businesses shut early so everyone can go home and eat ice cream...so we should expect it to change. There is live music tonight - I will let you know what they are like.😀

26 July 2017

Easy morning....lots of people itching to work but they are still getting organised, so 'big work' starts at 1.00. Water temp is 4 degrees so we are forbidden to swim or else I would absolutely be straight it.... 😂 Great excitement at breakfast as cereal appeared for the first time, so lunch will be different to breakfast. But the one certainty of every meal is that there will be skyr...in solid or less solid form...pot, drink or cake. Definitely craving veg.

25 July 2017

Really long day today. Started with breakfast prep at 7.00, then kitchen tidy and load coffee machines etc into van to move to site. Then...while the participants enjoyed their opening ceremony we put together 5000 packed lunches, it actually took 3.5 hours and a lot of people! After a final litter pick of the entire sports centre we finally left for camp. I am all set up in my tent, in a little circle with Kady and Rhys from my classroom floor and new friends Emma and Jennifer from the Scottish contingent. Dinner was burritos which was a delight as it was not a sandwich!!!! Right now there is a man singing his Islamic prayers and a bit of flapping canvas noise from the wind, and lots of chatter. 23.45 and still light. As you can see from the pictures the showers are al fresco...will be interesting if the wind catches the curtains. Picture also shows Dutch IST vehicles. Night night xx
Most of today spent making 5000 packed lunches....now looking after the first aid radio...in case anyone is looking for first aid. .. Setting off for campsite at tea-time...

24 July 2017

So....no helping today as there are too many helpers!! So, made up a packed lunch and went into Reykjavik with Rachel. It's a stunning city, quite qwirky, walked along the harbour front, then to the parliament building etc, looked around the museum of Iceland and the cathedral and then....to the hot pool for a wash! There are A LOT of sculptures in Reykjavik! Last night sleeping on the classroom floor..hurray!! Missing my lovelies.xx PS got a present from a scout IST from Guatemala, a headscarf....think he might have been making a point about unwashed hair??? No, he was just grateful that I started a conversation with him as he was 'all alone' Reykjavik was full of scout participants exploring - they were everywhere!! Love the uniforms with shorts and long socks...and of course the Austrians in their leiderhosen!

23 July 2017

Those blow up sofas are not as easy to sit in as they look!!..the non alcoholic beer was surprisingly nice though, and margarita prakatan's brother was playing the keyboard at dinner.😀

22 July 2017

Training day today, we've done the uk session, just general training and job specific training to. IST party tonight!!
Sure is windy!!! Just getting on transfer bus.
Flight delayed...would go shopping but have no room to bring stuff back!!

21 July 2017

Ridiculously excited about the lunch boxes!!
Packed....bound to be something I've forgotten..

19 July 2017

15 July 2017

7 sleeps..

13 July 2017

9 sleeps. Just found out I am at the main scout centre (can't spell it) for the whole time. I'm quite happy with that!