United States of America · 11 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

Day 13 Ward Family adventure in Mexico

20 August 2017

We took a bus tour to Mexico. Much better than driving ourselves. Lori, Duncan and Bjorn came. Our first stop was Tijuana. It was quiet since it was morning. Many souvenir shops, liquor stores, discount pharmacies, and zebra painted donkeys. We were told by our bus driver/tour guide that it they used to paint them because in black and white photos the child would like they were floating. We stopped at Tijuana Beach and saw the "wall" that extends out into the water. We took pictures on a cool Tijuana sign. Then went on to Buenos Nuevo for lunch. Views were great. Same touristy stuff. Guy actually was trying to sell a ChiHuaHua for 100 bucks. No takers. There were some nice houses but mostly very poor areas. Our last stop was Rosario Beach. Very touristy and loud. Not relaxing at all with so many people trying to sell you stuff. Had a drink at a beach bar. Clifton joked about ordering 7 tequilas. We then headed back across the border. Glad we did it but never have to do it again.

10 August 2017

Clifton peeking through the seats. Very disturbing!!
Lunch at Puerto Nuevo
Tijuana Beach and the Wall
On our way to Mexico