Greece · 3 Days · 18 Moments · July 2017

Heather's adventure in Greece

4 July 2017

Some kind of stinging plant, I found out the hard way, I walked right into it.
Strawberry tree. It produces strawberry looking fruit that doesn't taste like strawberries, but is made in a dish for Christmas with cream and brandy
An oak tree
The first hike that almost killed me, but I made it. 7 miles 2 towns and a mountain.
Dragon house. Pre Greek stone structures at least 5000 years old. Used they think to track sirius

3 July 2017

Shrimp and risotto
Pasta Vienna. Local summer pasta dish with local vegetables. Delicious.
The galley on the boat, where we eat.
We've been sailing for 2 hours.
My view from my bed.

2 July 2017

This is the boat we are staying on. The Isadoros.