Armenia, Georgia · 10 Days · 31 Moments · August 2017

Two weeks in Armenia and Georgia

8 September 2017

Churchkhela, candied walnuts in a string that get referred to as Georgian snickers, making at a wonderful local winery.
Gremi and the Monastery
Nekresi wine tunnels, almost 8km worth
Schuchmann Hotel, Vinyard, and Spa, I had a bath in red wine and got to see a double rainbow after a thunderstorm.

7 September 2017

6 September 2017

Food from around Old Town, creamy garlic chicken and wine, khachapuri, salad, hummus, fresh bread, and a burger.
Views around Old Town Tbilisi

4 September 2017

Khachapuri, rollercoaster, and night time view from the top of the funicular.

3 September 2017

Outside the Stalin museum
Loved the way every house had vines growing for shade
Ancient cave town. This section looks like a head tipping up a wine glass.
Great views, nature and a car on the way to stock a market. (or so it seems...)
Old Town Tbilisi from across the river.

2 September 2017

Monastery and khachkars
Kvevri inside the Monastery
Sevanavank Monastery

1 September 2017

Khachkars, ancient hotel, and view from the pass to get to said hotel.
Vardenyats Pass

31 August 2017

Noravank Monastery and the surrounding area.
Storage at Areni Wines. Great tasting there too.
We spent the morning trying to find the best roadside watermelon. 🍉
Where Noah's ark landed
Noravank Monastery

30 August 2017

Khash and the lake at the pass
Monastery ruins
Sculptures of the Armenian alphabet randomly standing on the side of the road.
Hovhannavank Monastery