Mexico · 14 Days · 13 Moments · January 2018

Heather & Kelly's journi to Mexico

3 February 2018

1 February 2018

Tangolunda translates to “pretty woman”
We stayed at the Park Royal at Tangolunda Bay at Huatulco, Oaxaca. There only one al a carte restaurant on 7th floor by the upper pool. There was also a beach club restaurant down at the beach . It features the daily buffet for all three meals plus some evening entertainment.

31 January 2018

Here was our room. Nothing fancy, but had air conditioning, a frig, a safe, and a very large balcony y which was awesome for drying our clothes and having our morning coffee. It was also a great spot for bird watching at sunrise.
Full “ blood moon” as well as full lunar eclipse while we were there
Playa Entegra is local public beach with great swimming and snorkeling over live coral reefs, 🐠🐟 lots of fish. There are snorkel gear rentals and lockers avail as well as 4 or 5 beach restaurants for fresh Mexican food, cervazas 🍻fresh oysters & seafood.

29 January 2018

Visited some other accommodation options such as Condos at playa Arrocito as well at playa Santa Cruz. You can find 2Br condos for $1200 to $1500 Cdn/week. Save $100/wk @ 3 was or more. Santa Cruz marina host the crude ships 2or 3 times a week. Nice shopping & restaurants in the area, new walkway into Crucecita or cabs are <$50 peso ( $3.50 cdn) Great snorkeling at Entrgra beach. Guns & Beer pub serves pub food and cold beer up to 2litre mugs.

28 January 2018

Views from the “beach club” at the Park Royal. The resort is off the beach and up the hillside. The beach club has the resorts buffet large pool and beach access. It’s a short walk from the main lobby and transportation carts are available. This is also where they have nightly shows.

25 January 2018

Little tour into La Crucecita for tequila & mezcal tasting as well as some local food such as grasshoppers, worms, red & black mole’ and other spices The local church at the town square has the Guinness world record largest paining of the Virgin Mary on the ceiling. Visited a local natural rug and blanket maker. They use natural wool and cotton with crushed insects mixed with various natural lime, flowers etc to create the colors. All hand crafted on manual looms. The town has lots of shops , restaurants and it safe to walk around day or night.

21 January 2018

20 January 2018

Some of the views from the 7th ( pool level) at the Part Royal Resort. Great pool, nice restaurant, a perfect spot to watch sunrise or sunsets.
Arrived at the Park Royal resort after a long day of travel. The beach and sunset did not disappoint. Met some really nice folks in the plane and met for dinner.