Australia · 29 Days · 24 Moments · December 2018

East Coast Australia

6 January 2019

And off I go again... 🙄/😃/😔/🤩/🤯/💃🏽 With 2 suitcases and one backpack - ready to meet my new host family

5 January 2019

Whenever I will come back to surfers, I cant wait to see how this city will have evolved. So many memories are connected to this city and have made me to the person I am today. I’ll be back, for sure 🌅!

4 January 2019

Back home in surfers today. 😍 Aach it was so good to see Bilyana again and tell her everything about my past month. But also strange beeing back home without all the other students... made me realise for the first time, that my room will belong to another student in 3 days and I will get to call Bondi my new home... what a weird feeling🙄

2 January 2019

Having that said: I do have the best parents! As my hostel was suuuuper gross they booked me a room in the Sheraton Hotel 🙃 Honestly that was just great! Thanxx❤️ I could recharge and just have some calm moments without beeing surrounded by whoever. And let me tell you something: the breakfast buffet was even better than it looks like on the pictures 🍊🍒🥐🧀🥓🥞🍳

1 January 2019

1.1.2019 Picnics and strolls through the city

31 December 2018

2018 is over. Every single page is filled with memories, stories and friends I was able to make. Now there is a new book waiting to be filled, hopefully just as exciting and memorable as 2018 was🥰

29 December 2018

What a city. My new home town... so happy to meet all my friends again here and shown them where I will be staying the next couple of weeks 🥳 What I can already say - the city is great! I am soo happy to be here😇

28 December 2018

Plans change fast 🛬 Sydney is my final destination for NYE 🥰

26 December 2018

Another rainy day trip in cairns💃🏽

24 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all my beloved ones 💚 I spent the day out on the great barrier reef and it was not even close to the weather I thought it would be in Australia during this season😅 whatever as soon as I was under water, I did not care about the the storm above anymore ;) Hahaha in the morning Lorenz needed a short cool down and stood in the fridge, you need to know how to help yourself, right?😂🤷🏼‍♀️

23 December 2018

Just a random rainy day in cairns 😅 skyping and food shopping with vanessa

22 December 2018

After a full day of river rafting I was dead! But there is a thing on the 22.12 no one can miss on ☀️... The annual get toghether of the french fries, this time just via skype. I‘ll be back for the next one 💫 I promise 💛😉

21 December 2018

Little Cristal Creek

19 December 2018

3 days on a boat was just about enough😅 both of us were really happy to check in a hotel again and to be able to get a proper shower ;) I met Pati on the day I arrived in Brisbane. Right at the airport... I remember how we talked about home, our expectations and dreams... Who would have thought that she would become the closest friend here and I would travel with this girl to so many beautiful places?! Now its alteady time for her to go back home... She will be missed so badly! all our laughs and talks. She cheered me up every single time and made me laugh again. Safe trip back Patii❤️

18 December 2018

Day 2 - Whitsunday Snorkling, sun bathing, chatting, eating and repeat😉 We did not know before that we would not have any reception during this boat trip, in my opinion it was the best thing. Just to focus on the moments and people around us 💫

17 December 2018

Lets go 🛥 a 3 days boats trip on the whitsunday islands. :) The beds were definitely not the most comfortable ones but the peole on the tour were just great fun! Dont get me started talking about that wonderful sunset😍

16 December 2018

As the weather is constantly super bad we did not get the chance to do a lot in the past few days... we are heading now to Airlie beach but even there the forecast is rainy as well😭 bad weather in Australia is 10x worse than in Switzerland because you can literally not do anything 🌧⚡️! 🤬

14 December 2018

Lady Musgrave☁️ Sadly the weather was very bad snd the ocean super rough... Patricia got seasick on the way to the island, so all uf us were happy to arrive after 3hours😅 ... we still had a nice day here! I‘ve even had the chance to snorkel with a sea turtle😍 ———————————————————————— Lady Musgrave☁️ Leider war das Wetter nicht sonderlich gut und das Meer sehr wild. Patricia wurde auf dem Weg hin Seekrank und wir alle waren sehr froh endlich angekommen zu sein nach 3 Stunden Fahrt...😅 Trotzdem hatten wir einen tollen Tag :)! Ich hatte sogar die Chance mit einer Meeresschildkröte schnorkeln zu können😍

13 December 2018

Back with the boys in Bundaberg🚘 Of course we had to make a tour through the rum distillery and bundabery softdrink factory😋 ———————————————————————— Zurück mit den Jungs in Bundaberg🚘 Natürlich mussten wir eine Tour machen durch die Rum Distillery und Bundabery Softdrink Fabrik😋

12 December 2018

Lake Poona😱 we walked 30min through the deep fordst without service or any other connection and found this beautiful lake ❤️

11 December 2018

Rainbow beach day 2☀️ We discovered this Sandblow just by accident, we actually just wanted to find a nice place to grab a coffee🤩 but this was so unexpected and just stunning! ———————————————————————— Rainbow besch Tag 2 Wir fanden den Sandblow nur aus reinem Zufall, eigentlich wollten wir ein Kaffee trinken gehen an einem schönen Aussichtspunkt und was wir gefunden haben war eine Sanddüne🤩

10 December 2018

Sandy Creek😍 wonderful spot we discovered! Watching the sunset and having a picnic later was so nice as there were not many other people there and we just had such a nice evening under the starry sky💫 ———————————————————————— Sandy Creek 😍 was für ein toller Ort den wir entdeckt hatten! Den Sonnenuntergang am Abend zu schauen war richtig toll. Es hatte fast keine andere Person dort und wir hatten einfach nur eine gute Zeit unter dem Sternenhimmel💫

9 December 2018

After having a very nice start into the day at the farmers market in Noosa and a relaxing beach day after, we headed towards Rainbow beach. Patricia and I have rented there an AirBnB for 3 nights, as the two boys will go to Fraser Island. The balcony was our favorite place to be - you should have seen the sky filled with all these stars💫! ———————————————————————— Nach einem tollen Start in den Tag bei den Farmers Markets in Noosa und einem Beach Tag, gingen wir weiter Richtung Rainbow beach. Hier haben Patricia und ich ein AirBnB gemietet für die nächsten drei Nächte, da die beiden Jungs nach Fraser Island gehen. Der Balkon war unser Lieblingsplatz - ihr hättet diesen Sternenhimmel sehen sollen💫!

8 December 2018

First stop: Noosa