Canada, United Kingdom · 14 Days · 89 Moments · August 2017

JSBH adventure in Scotland, United Kingdom

3 September 2017

Enroute back to yyc, early start in Glasgow this am, now in the lounge in Pearson
Ahh yes!

2 September 2017

J a place to stop
J downtown Glasgow
J downtown Glasgow ...

1 September 2017

When you try and get a nice picture of your parents but they have to ruin it..
H - had to get off the road for this wide load... the roads are crazy narrow here
B - A nifty way to get an Americano and white coffee :)
H - 'GET ON WITH IT' ... wrong character impression but right castle !
B - Stalker Castle ... I think I'm done with castle pics now (unfortunately!) But saved the best for last as this was the castle that was at the end of Month Python and the Holy Grail 👍

31 August 2017

H - some golden mist near Loch Ness !!
Hair that was designed in Scotland, made for scotland weather
J lunch in the rain at lockness the Ness deli to be exact
J Well we've been with out internet for a few days... but we are back connected now... here is a castle on lochness
B - Did some more castle adventuring in Urquhart Castle right on Loch Ness. No Nessie sightings but the rest was pretty cool to look at!

30 August 2017

They have been doing the same thing in Duff for a long time Glen (valley) fiddich (deer) made with water from the Robbie Dhu (spelling ?) Spring, a great informative tour
H - a tour of the glenfiddich distillery and then a tasting! Very cool processes! They use Canadian Douglas fir trees for 5meter planks to make huge barrels out of!
B - had a little tour of the big Glenfiddich distillery and did some taste testing!
A Morgan! With an s&s motor

29 August 2017

J Fish and chips and peas!
B - Slains Castle was the place to explore this afternoon! So much history and so little time to take it all in.
H - walking through the ... courtyard?
J Slains castle, apparently Brams Stoker's inspiration for Dracula? ...
H - Slains Castle... not a bad view!!
J breathless open for panorama
J up and up.. .That's b and h at the the bright sunlight
H - waayyy waayyy up there...
H - majestic Blayne up here
J yet another yett and a very cool door
H - feyvie castle this morning!
Fyvie castle

28 August 2017

H - they have Canadian maple syrup here!!
B - Crathes Castle was the second castle we had the pleasure to experience today. I can't get enough!!!!
H - Crathes Castle with wobbly looking bushes infront!
H - not a bad view from the gardens
H - Probably the most majestic tree...
H - gorgous painted ceilings at Crathes Castle
J yeah that looks like a castle
This iron gate is called a yett. It's on the inside of the wooden door, if the yett is closed the wooden door cannot be opened.. the grid of the yett is woven so prying apart is very difficult. The castle walls here were 12 feet thick !
Blayne was tall in the 1300's too!
Look how tall Haley was in the 1300's.!
At Crathes castle
B - Castle Drum was our first stop today, and the first intact castle we have visited!!
J Castle tower staircases.... steep!
Drum Castle! Plus a panoramic view of the library
Drum castle
Merc, merc, merc, merc..... the 6 speed blue wonder (wonder if it has a motor) does not really fit in at our hotel

27 August 2017

Same name... but no sign of any last spike! Note what the main things they sell on the sign (the bottom of the sign)
Watching some highland games

26 August 2017

B - Saw a football match and revisited the castle for sunset today on the way back to the hotel. Worth the long day!!
Panorama shots from today. Not too bad of a view... 😍
Just hanging out waiting for the football match

25 August 2017

Playing by the seaside
Montrose air museum. So much history. And a cub model with nose art! This was a training location for pilots, then pilot instructors training once the commonwealth air training program got going
Speed limit sign all over in this area...
B - Some time spent by the sea after an informative morning at the Montrose museum. Scotland has us all in smiles :)
Military and air museum today!

24 August 2017

More exploring Dunnottar castle... a bit scary with all red heads....
Dunnottar Castle and area was a beautiful way to spend the day!!! 😍
More decisions
Dunnotter castle
Dunnettar Castle in Stonehaven and war memorial!
A short hike from Stonehaven is this castle. GREAT!
H - panoramic shot of the war memorial inscription around the top
This war memorial is along the way.. for the men of the area in both world wars

23 August 2017

Great place!
Near gallows park Aberdeen
Yeah, that looks like Scotland
They kinda match :)
Everybody gets their own letter.....(open the get the full story)
Street art
In the granite city

22 August 2017

Ummm well not likely my first flavor choice in chips,,,, actually crisps.
Hitting the Tesco for some stay awake shopping
Stopping for a snack enroute from Glasgow to Aberdeen. That's our blue rental wheels, the good? Manual and 6 speed...the bad? seems to have no motor.
Scotish cows from the sky

21 August 2017

Flight from YYZ to GLA delayed!! Thanks to dad for the VIP treatment again in the Toronto Air Canada lounge.
Nice day in yyc .. ..but soon to leave!
Enjoying brekkie in the yyc Air Canada lounge!