United States of America · 2 Days · 8 Moments · December 2017

Hayley's journi to Portland, Oregon

8 December 2017

She got her jacket at Patagonia! Now we match! (And more importantly she’s warm 😛) it’s been quite a day biking and shopping around Portland. We went to the REI here which was probably the best REI I’ve ever been to. Great selection and prices/sales! I was pleasantly surprised and happy at checkout- I forgot there’s no sales tax here! 👏🏼 Now we are back in our Air BnB showering and getting ready to go back out to see some Christmas carolers then the new Disney Pixar movie Coco at the Living Room theaters! More about what it’s like later ✌🏼
We rented bikes for a day! Portland is known as ‘bike town’ and is super bike friendly. We’re enjoying riding down the streets with big ass green painted bike lanes! 👏🏼🚴🏼‍♀️
Double tall extra hot eggnog latte for me this morning 😛 I was feeling adventurous! Lol this was my first eggnog latte and it was pretty darn good. I like that it’s not syrup based unlike all of the other Starbs holiday drinks. Right now we’re sitting here in the Starbucks near our Air BnB where it’s nice and cozy and warm. We’re getting ready to go out and brace the cold in order to explore! We need to find Aunt a nice and warm puff jacket like my Patagonia! That’s our next stop I believe. Then Powell’s huge bookstore! I love books 🤓 📚 ❤️

7 December 2017

Dinner views! Nice classy place 😎 unfortunately no wine for me considering it’s $14 a glass 🙄 what do they think it is? Wine from the gods? Lol well aren’t God and wine associated with each other 🤔 ok well I guess it’s ok for them to charge that then. That last sentence I purposely wrote, knowing it’s stupid, because I’m kinda high. But I’m aware of it. I mean- apparently. Holy moly these are some high musings. Weed is legal here! I might have bought and eaten a raspberry gummy approx 30 min ago 😳
We visited Washington Park for the first time! I know we’ll be back considering our Air BnB is backed up right next to it 😄 there’s a Japanese Garden which looks really nice and Aunt says I’ll love it. I’m guessing we’ll do that tomorrow. As the sun goes down it’s getting colder- we decided to check out the Discovery museum after walking around for a bit in the cold. The museum was very state of the art and interactive- I was impressed. It was all about forests and our environment which as we all know I love ❤️ it’s important to educate our youth about it, I feel like this museum fulfills that. Bravo Portland 👏🏼
First stop in Portland- the OG (original) Voodoo Doughnuts! It’s been my goal to come here one day for the past 3ish years. Lol my donut dreams have officially come true. We got 2 donuts and a shirt. A donut called the Memphis Mafia (fritter with chocolate, peanut butter, banana on top 😍) and a raspberry filled one! That was our not so healthy lunch. Haha gonna try and get some greens in tonight at dinner. Side note- Voodoo Doughnuts is located in a sorta sketchy part of downtown Portland. Kinda works with the vibe of the place though.
On the flight! Like I predicted we have the entire row to ourselves. Scoreeee.
Waiting to board the plane! Looks like the flight isn’t full meaning Aunt and I might luck out and have an entire row on the plane to ourselves 😎 Side note: I found this app (journi) to easily keep track of my trips and adventures as well as easily share with my friends and family (a.k.a. you 😉) what I’m up to while traveling. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your interest in my life!! ❤️