South Africa · 3 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017

Hayley's adventure in Midlands

5 July 2017

The Valley Bakery
Drakensberg Boys Choir

4 July 2017

Spiral Blue... Vistited hipser Paul who looked like he crawled out of a magic mushroom. Although his new age practices and objects looked out of wack, his patience sold us two beautiful sterling silver gem stone rings. We made a quick exit as we noticed our future being displayed on the vodoo cards left on the counter.
Piggly Wiggly.. Great value for money at Piggly Wiggly restaurant. What you see is what you get.. Walk around the shops first to build an apetite. If you need to work off lunch, try the 120m Zip line or ride the non moving tractor.
Ardmore Ceramic Gallery... If you have some spare cash lying around (or maybe ALOT).. Pop in to see local talent in action or view the finished master pieces in the museum. If you are an Average Joe, like most.. You can go down memory lane to your childhood by playing in the piles of raked up Autumn leaves. Be sure to enjoy the tranquility of the trees and small dam at the entrance.
Barbz.. Cute little coffee shop with really big cups available for the caffeine addicts. Nice decor and a perfect place to have "big dream" chats..

3 July 2017

The Junction.. If you have a sweet tooth - you have to try the chocolate haven. They even supply the needs of the sugar sensitive souls. The diabetic white chocolate is amazing if you are into white chocolate. There are also other shops to browse in..
Terbodore Coffee Roasters... If you are willing to stop at the coffee snobs, you will find a good cup of coffee for R20. But drink and leave and don't give your coffee opinions.
Tsongo.. Stopped to browse at Tsonga. Cute little prefab just outside. Made friends with a precious retriever who I fell in love with. I think I will name her Lassy.. Tsongo was a bit pricy, but if something attracts your attention you are paying for good quality leather.
Cheese Tasting... If you don't have a low car and brave enough to drive up a steep hill, try some distinct tasting goats cheese.. And buy the one your tongue enjoys. Feed the goats or have a picnic in the picnic area. But be sure to stop by the train tracks for a stretch on the way out.