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Hawaii 2018- Oahu & Maui

7 March 2018

I leave Maui in a few hours. Am mostly packed and ready to go. Will wait until 1100hrs to check out, go to lunch in Kahului, fill vehicle with fuel and go to the airport for my 1435hr flight to Seattle. Then onward to Fairbanks, arriving 0235hrs, 8March18. May sit in the sun for one last hour and start a new book. Aloha.

6 March 2018

Went diving this AM. Did 3 dives for my last day this trip. Came back to the condo, had lunch and a shower, then mailed a box home to myself. When I returned home again, I fell asleep for 90 mins. A nap on my last day here, what a waste. I finally packed the dive bag and read for a while. Am going to go out to Outback for dinner. Just need to do some last min laundry and pack clothes in the morning. I depart tomorrow at 1430hrs so I have plenty of time to finish in the AM. This has been a great trip, am glad I got to show Lana around a couple of the islands. I am already planning next years trip in my head. I like Kihei but may 'move' back to Lahaina and make the early morn drive for diving. Ok, off to dinner now.

5 March 2018

Lana left for home today. We went to beakfast at Zippy's and then to the airport. I hope she has good flights. After dropping her off, I drove the west Maui rd from Kahului to Lahaina. There are great views from this drive. I think I might like it better than the Hana drive. I picked up a GeoCache near the blow hole. Stopped in Lahaina for lunch and a DQ shake. Arrived back at Kihei at 1530 hrs. The sun was shining brightly so I sat by the pool for a while and read. Came in at 1715 rhs to catch up on trip Advisor reviews, my dive log and this journal. Now it is time to order a pizza and spend the rest of the eve watching TV or reading. Am up early tomorrow for last day of diving.
Took a drive along the west Maui coast. Lana bought me a new hawaiian shirt. Cool yeah!

4 March 2018

Went to 10,000 feet elevation today at Hakeakala. 52degs up there! This is Hawaii???

3 March 2018

3March18/Sat- This morning we went whale watching with Pacific Whale Foundation out of Ma'alaea harbor. We saw a few whales in small groups but not too many this year. A nice trip out on the ocean anyway. After this, we came back to the condo for a bit by the pool beofre deciding to go to Lahaina to shop (Lana) and go to Bubba Gumps for dinner. We had alot of traffic going there, took 1 1/2 hrs and we nade it home in 30mins. Lana has decided to go home to Fairbanks on Monday instead of work in Juneau to see her kids for a week before heading to work for another week. I am still here until Wed, 7March. So far it has been fun. Tmorrow, we are heading up Haleakala, Hope the weather is good and the views are out I cut the bottom of my left foot somehow while diving (???)and it is difficult to walk on it. What else can go wrong?? Going to read and maybe a bit early to bed.
Out looking for whales with Pacific Whale Foundation. Nice day on the water.

2 March 2018

2March18/Fri- Early this AM, I went diving with ERDA and Lana went snorkeling with 'Blue Water Rafting'. We had good weather and I had the usual great diving.Lana says she had a good time and shot some VIRB video of Honu and dolphins. This afternoon, we hung in the sun by the pool. In the late afternoon/early eve, we walked S Kihei rd a bit and found 2 GeoCaches. We ended up at the Dog & Duck Irish Pub for a few Guinness and dinner. We UBER'd back to the condo to rest a bit. Tomorrow, we are off to Ma'a Lea for whale watching and then to Lahaina for whatever. Has been a good trip so far. I am having fun showing Lana around the islands. Though she is jealous of my tan! She is a bit burnt and is now peeling and still white skinned. Now, going to read a bit and crash out.
Lana went snorkeling with 'Blue Water Rafting' She saw several Honu. Cool!!

1 March 2018

1March18/Thurs- Today, we drove the 'Road to Hana'. Was a good day. Some rain and some good weather. Had lunch and shot some photos at 'W' beack park. Found a few GeoCaches along the way too. Tonite, had dinner at 'Mulligans on the Blue'. Ok food, good Guiness. Tonite, early to bed due early rising tomorrow AM at 0530hrs for Lana to go snorkeling and me to go diving. So, off to bed now. FYI... we are in condo #143.
1March18--Drove the 'Road to Hana' today. Lots of great photo ops.

28 February 2018

27Feb18/Tues- we departed Oahu after a breakfast a Wailana Coffee house. Hawaiian Airlines flew us to Maui where we picked up our new car and drove to Kihei to check in to Hale Kamaole Condo . Spent most of he day hanging around by the pool. Cooked a steak dinner at the grill and stayed in a watched a movie on TV. Is nice being on Maui. I like certain things on Oahu but like being in a condo and the pace of things on Maui better. Hope this is a good week. 28Feb18/Wed- woke around 0900hrs. Spent the AM lounging in the sun by the pool. We then decided to go for a pizza lunch and then up the hill to the 'Lavender Farm'. Lana bought gifts and we walked around a bit. Actually kinda cool with lots of flowers to photograph. I took some with the phone but could spend time there doing macro shots. Was getting a bit rainy up there but did locate a Geocache nearby when we left. Tonite, ate leftover steak and are heading to the pool for an evening swim. Tomorrow, off on the Road to Hana.
A visit to the Lavender Farm. Many flowers here.
Lavender Farm on Maui

26 February 2018

25Feb18/Sun-- In the eve, we did go to 'Dukes' and had a great meal suggested by the bartender- 'Jessie'. We then walked Waikiki a bit and stopped for ice cream. 26Feb18/Mon- today, drove up to the Pali Lookout where the views were ok but not great due to the clouds. We drove around the isle toward the North Shore. Stopped at Waimea beach for some light sun and a swim. The water was very calm, no waves. I have never seen it like that, Spent some time in Haleiwa for lunch and shave ice. Dinner tonite (our last on Oahu this trip) was across the street at 'Cheeseburger Waikiki'. Tommorow, we are off to Maui for the next week. Hopefully we can get some nice weather. Has been fun so far. Both of us are tired and going to get some sleep tonite. Looking forward to Maui.

25 February 2018

this is the view from the Hawaiian Monarch hotel of the Ala Wai Canal and the hills of Manoa.
24Feb18/Sat- I went diving in the AM with HDA again. After that I sat by the hotel pool with Lana for a while. Kinda a nice pool area. We then went to lunch at Wailana Coffee house. A quick walk through Hilton Hawaiian Village for a DQ shake and then off to Les Murakami stadium for the baseball game, UHBows v. BYUCougars. The Bows won this game and split the series 2-2. Was nice being back at the stadium. In he eve, we took an UBER to Aloha Tower to go to Gordon Biercsh for dinner/beer. They had some great music/band playing and we hung out for a while. We UBER'd back at twice the price and went to bed. Have been a bit tired. Weather has beeb hit/miss with clouds and sun but no real rain yet. 25Feb18/Sun-- we slept in today, the had lunch at the mall and off to the Ala Maoana bch to catch some sun and teach Lana to snorkel. She did well for her first time. Now, Tonite, we are off to 'Dukes Canoe club' like the Jimmy Buffet song-- "Dukes on Sunday".
23Feb18/Thurs- I went diving in the AM with Hawaiian Diving Adventures. Nice diving on some wrecks but the visibility is low due to recent storms. In the afternoon, we drove to the Hawaiian Fire store for shirts. Then a quick drive to Waianae. We headed back towards Honolulu to try to get to the UHbaseball game but it was lousy weather and we decided to skip it and go to Shorebirds for dinner. Had a nice dinner and then a quick walk around Waikiki. We stopped at the new Maui Brewing for a beer. It is a big new modern place, I like the ones on Maui better. 24Feb18/Fri- today is Ziplining day. We left early to do stuff along the way. We did some sight seeing along the way and took a few photos along the coastal road. Lana got her first GeoCache at Kualoa park (same as me). We went Ziplining with Climb Works/Keana Farms. They are great. The views are awesome and the zips are great fun. This was Lana's first time doing this and she did great. Drove back and caught the UH baseball game.
25 Feb 2018- Am here on Oahu with Lana L. We have been here since Tues eve, 20Feb and I am just now going to try to catch up a bit on this journal. So... 20Feb18/Tues- we departed Fbx at 1415hrs and headed to Anch where we then departed for Honolu. We arrived at 2200hrs. We picked up our rental veh at Alamo and headed to our hotel, the Hawaiian Monarch on Niu st. The flights were the usual. The hotel is a bit of a let down. The room is dingy, the carpets are terribly stained but it will work for the price. We went for a late dinner at IHOP and then to sleep. 22Feb18/Wed-- we started the day with a supply run to Walmart, then lunch to Ala Moana mall and then some beach time at Ala Moana bch. We had dinner/beers that eve at Kona Brewing in Hawaii Kai. Not a bad first day. No real rain but cloudy with little sun.