North America, Australia and Oceania · 23 Days · 138 Moments · June 2018

Hawaii 2.0

14 July 2018

Brisbane from the air by night. Home sweet home. Journey's end. My cup is full. Xx
Leaving Honolulu destination Brisbane and home.
Leaving Maui with a promise to return

12 July 2018

Final sunset of my epic tour of the Hawaiian Islands. Viewed from Mama's Fish House complete with lit Tiki torches. Maui you have been a most gracious host. Thank you for keeping me safe and for taking me where I needed to go. #postcardpics
Libraries in paradise the quest continues... hot contender for this year's prize: Kihei Library. With drive-thru book return and beach right at the end of the street. (-Tehani: suggestion for our new build?)
Boat harbour and cove with ocean-fed pools #quiettime
One million dollars worth of art in one hotel lobby....#gallerygoals #fernandobotero
Covert Resort opulence and beauty reconnaissance mission @ the Grand Wailea. #hawaiianholidayswhenmoneydontmatter
Nature Reserve with neighbour Island views
Lava flow site in Maui
Epic little cove down a laneway. Stairway to heaven. Pristine waters, golden sands and an thunderous shoreline break.
Laperouse monument. Lava flow formed coastline.
Mermaid swim: Mother's Day gift and lifetime memory adventure, funded by my eldest lad Aidan. The most natural way to swim in the ocean. So very lucky to have a turtle friend along for my ethereal and other-worldly swim on an gorgeous morning on my last full day exploring Maui. #mermaidadventures
Last full day on Maui covering the mid south to south east (and back again) coast. Starting today's adventures at Makena Landing Beach. Green Sea Turtle haven. Snorkel, scuba, reef swim (and mermaid spot) straight from the shoreline.

11 July 2018

Yet another spectacular Maui sunset
When the Maui sunset guides you home
Final waterfall on my Hana journey, early evening brought out the phosphorescence
Sea caves and black sands
Beautifully tended Hawaiian historical village
Hana Lava tube/ former fallout shelter / former slaughterhouse boneyard. Big, damp and dark traverse by torchlight.
Caution: Saturation point...So.Many.Waterfalls.
Hana Rd. Breakfast in the Garden of Eden. Rainbow eucalyptus found. #bucketlist

10 July 2018

Haleakala Summit. I have never experienced a view like this. Difficult to distinguish what is the horizon from an elevation like this.Treated to a pink sun and a red sunset at the heart of the world. #allthefeels #Bucketlist
Haleakalā sunset. Maui: Go big or Go huge. Every.Single.Time
Haleakala first views and into the crater
I literally burst into tears when I walked into this view of the crater. It has been many years for me to make it here, the island called on me 2 years ago to come here and I missed seeing it then. Hiking into the crater on the aptly named 'Sliding Sands' trail is breathtaking both figuratively and literally at this elevation. Unforgettable moment. The energy within this space is indescribable. #heartchakraoftheworld
The Rainbow Bridge #opposingviews
Halemanu Trailhead, Haleakala National Park. Elevation 9000+ feet. Hiked to Rainbow Bridge a 1 metre wide shelf that bridges sweeping views of the backside of the Haleakala Crater and the fern filled valley beyond. Zoom in to comprehend the scale.

9 July 2018

Sunset sky painting
Hiking with a local, scaling down Maui cliff faces and rockclimbing to seaside caves and ancient Hawaiian birthing pools. Swimming in these waters was magical. #rebirth

8 July 2018

In a beautiful moment of all things falling into place and seeing out the most complex of decades on my journey thus far; I saw this poster in a store window during the day. Duly forgot about it and in the evening with minutes to spare remembered that this was on, yet arrived in time to participate and was welcomed in. There are not words that can adequately convey what happens when you release yourself into the space created by a ‘sound bath’ however it involves healing through a candle lit meditation, other worldly sounds, magical instruments (crystal harps, gongs, siren songs and singing bowls) and a mind blowing journey into many levels of consciousness, connectedness and healing. Tonight’s theme was empowerment. #theislandprovides #lettinggo ❤
Chasing sunsets in Paia. Hot tip: avoid surprise nudist #actnatural #nophotosofnudeman 😮
Window shopping in Paia. Local artists haven and eclectic surf side stores. Magnum PI staring out at you from store windows 🤙
Paia Stupa. You step inside this tiny temple, make a wish and push the handle on the large drum barrel inside as you walk around the elaborately painted inner circle. A bell chimes as you complete the circle indicating that your wish has been granted. Magical.
It is now the 8th of July in Hawaii, marking the much anticipated (by me) end of a decade’s journey from life-altering loss to where I find myself now; in this place in time. Stumbling on spirituality.....and what’s with all the Labyrinths on my journey?

7 July 2018

Chasing sunsets (and oh what a sunset) on one on the scariest stretches of road that I have ever driven. Winding, single lane, cliff edges with bonus fallen rocks along with epic views. Today was a lot like life, filled with obstacles and challenges, but ultimately intensely beautiful and a gift to be treasured while your body and mind grant you the freedom and capacity to do so. 🤙 Xx
Huge blowhole; Heart rock is here too on a step rocky downhill hike; early pics as my phone battery died.
Ancient Hawaiian burial ground, the Dragon's Teeth and a golden cliff top Labyrinth.
When this serene bay welcomes you at the end of your hike, you jump in! Perfect floatable deep pool. Crystal clear with visibilty to the bottom and even a ladder from the water to the cliff face to help you back up. A beautiful moment in time.
Todays destination ' The Dragon's teeth' formed by lava flows and the ocean's force. Complete with olivine pools. Fun fact: olivine is also known as peridot = my birth stone
Here comes the sun...
Downtown Wailuku. Rainy morning drive.
Today I start the day with a heavy heart. As dawn breaks in Australia so does the 10th year to the day since we lost my son Aidan's father, and my husband Chris. It is a rain filled day here and fitting all things considered, to begin my day @ the Temple of Peace in Haiku. Love, virtual hugs and peace to all of my family back home. Xx

6 July 2018

Maui First Friday street party North Market Street, Wailuku. Live music, food trucks, eclectic stores, diggers paradise and the best open mic night that I have been to. A special evening at the Wailuku Coffee Co; that evolved into a collaborative meeting of minds through music, shared stories and cultures. So.Much.Aloha. I left this place with hope, peace and a full heart...........and a vintage ‘Soul Train’ compilation record. It was indeed, a beautiful day. Xx
The biggest rainbow I have ever seen, spanning the Maui coastline to the mountains. 360 degree views from the top of this ancient Hawaiian site.
Hawaiian historical site. Ancient Maui warrior lookout referred to as ‘The Iao Needle’. Sweeping views. Waterfalls, ponds and creeks. Brave Hawaiian girls cliff jumping in waterfall pools. The best views are a short but rough hike beyond the signs directing you (and countless others) not to enter. 🌲
Way to start the day.
New ride. My island home V 4.0: It’s an A frame hidden behind the trees on the left. Zen escape in Haiku with my friend and yogi Anarug and her cats.

5 July 2018

First Maui beach stop. This cove has it all. Big wave surfing. Sailboarding. Turtle resting area. Lifeguard tower. White sand beach. Tidal pools.
Kona sunrise. ‘A’ Bay. Kona airport hula girls. On to Maui. Last leg of my epic adventure awaits....

4 July 2018

Afternoon well spent watching reggae band from Hilo in the sun. A gorgeous little Hawaiian girl gave me the balloon. Sunset over lava plains. Fourth of July fireworks from the launch zone.
Fourth of July rubber duck race
Petroglyph trail through a twisted ancient forest, just behind the beach.
Kona beaches be like....
Turtle Independance Day festivities
Liliakoi tart. So good.
Final waterfall morning swim. Love.This.Place. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Time now to venture west. Big Island 4th of July!
Here comes the sun...
Sunrise from paradise

3 July 2018

Sunset at Mauna Kea. 9000+ ft elevation. The sky colour above the cloud line post sunset is magical. #Wishingonstars #Bucketlist... PS: The sun only went down because Chuck let it.
Waipi’o Valley lookout. Preserved Hawaiian historical site on private land made accessible to the public. Spot the waterfall on the cliff face ocean side past the bay.
Keokea beach surf break and wading pool. A beautiful place to stop.
Huge lookout down a valley and to the ocean with black sand beach
Time spent with the king. King Kamehameha 1. Fun fact: first cast of this statue made in Paris was lost at sea. After commissioning a replacement the original was retrieved and is in another Hawaiian location.
Hawi town mural of plantation days
Views for days
My co-pilot and protector on epic adventures
Fruit brunch w view. Crunchy mountain apples, grapefruit, lime. Tiny pineapple perfectness. All the love. Waterfall through the red trees. Narnia closet.
Awake for sunrise. Light rain all morning. Views to Mauna Kea. Horsing around. Breakfast with green gecko friend. #Wakeupandchill

2 July 2018

Today’s sunset brought to you from my bedroom non-window
When your can of Coke gives you both a caffeine hit and morale support #Bigisland #Biglove
Q: May I please have my very own backyard waterfall? Private waterfalls, swimming pools and surrounds: Completely.To.Myself. Swimming hole. Standing at the top of one of the waterfalls (there are 5 on his property). Natural foot spa indulgence, rainwater = holiday hair, more waterfalls, more swimming, a fern grotto and view from caves behind the waterfall. All before 10am. #islandlife #bigisland
My island home V 3.0. Woke to a sunrise view. Picked fruit in the orchard for breakfast. Hilltop shower jungle view.

1 July 2018

Goodby Kauai, High in the sky. Quick stop Oahu, New ride, New roads, New digs, New sunset, New view. New perspective. Aloha from the Big Island. Sleeping to the sounds of the waterfall tonight.
No sunrise hike today. Too much rain. Kauai you were amazing. Thank you for keeping me safe and creating lifelong memories. I hope to be lucky enough to visit again. Off to the Big Island. The adventure continues....

30 June 2018

Gorgeous sky. Fiery sunset. Happy feet. Queen’s bath aerial view. Blessed.
The legendary ‘Puff the magic dragon’ on Hanalei Bay
Makai golf course sunset golf cart tour. Just beautiful.
Hawaiian historic site with Petroglyphs. Beach debris from mammoth floods in April

29 June 2018

Hanapepe: Home of the Friday night ‘art walk’ where the main street fills with food trucks, market stalls and live music. The galleries and stores stay open until 9pm. Happy coincidence that I got to be there. The children’s story garden behind the artists collective was absolutely stunning. If only you could smell these flowers, each tropically beautiful.
Hanapepe Swinging Bridge. Hanapepe: the home of LIlo and Stitch and ‘Talk Story’ the most westerly bookstore in the United States. So.many.great.books. And then I found their vinyl collection...
Happy feet. Happy heart. Reading uninterrupted for hours.-Infiltrated the Kauai Marriott beach and scored a sun lounge. A literal boatload of tourists leaving.
Menehune Fishpond. Dated to approximately 1000 A.D. Menehune= Hawaiian’s version of faeries/ leprechauns

28 June 2018

Street artist ‘Prime’ working on a huge piece. Standard tourist beach (Poipu beach) with snorkel pond. Random vinyl in ‘thrift’ store. Living Aloha.
Napali coast. The wettest place on Earth, where it subsequently rained. Waimea Canyon: that red ridge: Today I hiked to that. That waterfall: today I stood at the top of that. Then Red Dirt waterfall. Rock stacked hill. Crazy all-terrain day.
Where the sky meets the sea. Napali coast. No hike required. One of the best vistas ever.
So this may be a relatively short hike however a mile of it was slippery, muddy, rocky and tree root laden. Hard going. But absolutely worth it. Seeing the Canyon from the inside. Standing at the top of a waterfall. Inaccessible Ancient ruins. #bucketlist ##headintheclouds
Standing at the top of the waterfall. Scary. Good. Ancient ruins on the cliff edge beyond.
Another encouraging sign, then....waterfalls. Big one feeds the 2 x small ones that drop at around 3000 ft. Check out the ancient arches on the top of the green cliff beyond.
Along the red ridge. Always encouraging to see signs like these....
The challenging, slippery and muddy hike to the most amazing place. No way to capture it adequately in photos.
My friend Chuck also conquered sunrise at the Canyon.
Sunrise at Waimea Canyon. Eerie and beautiful.
You know it is going to be good day when there’s a rainbow on your horizon.

27 June 2018

Happy feet. Raging sea view. Kings bath waterfalls. Forest for the trees.
Queen’s Bath. Bucket List. When you are a queen.
Queen’s Bath. Turtles surfing. #lavarockistoastywarm
Toward Queen’s bath
King’s bath and Queen’s bath hike
Kauai 1000 ft coastline lookout
Nom Nom. Why don’t we have this in Australia?

26 June 2018

Reasons why there are so many songs about Hanalei...Check out the school with the cliff side waterfall backdrop.
Why did the chicken cross the road? For the phenomenal view. BTW: Each of the white ‘lines’ on the cliffs is a running waterfall. Epic.
Princeville Library. #librarysinparadise
Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge and lighthouse
Kauai Street Art
Kapaa Street Art and Kapaa Library LEGO wall
Views from the loft bed. Sun is shining.🌞
Wailua falls ( from the opening credits on Fantasy Island), Spouting Horn Park, Surfing turtles

25 June 2018

Covert mish @ the Marriott Kauai #notaguest. Kapaa Library #beachfront #librarygoals. Big Shark. Sunset on Kauai
Allerton garden more blooming loveliness
Allerton Garden bloom in’ lovely
Outdoor showers in the jungle
My Island home V2.0: Kai’s rustic cottage. Go to sleep with the sounds of the stream that runs behind the house. Wake up and check the weather from the loft window above the bed. Breakfast in the treetop on the lanai (deck).

24 June 2018

Reading material circa 1923
So. Many. Chickens. So. Green. Kauai. Opaeka'a Falls.

23 June 2018

An evening with Anahuea @ the Blue Note Jazz Bar, Waikiki Outrigger hotel. Great night including 2nd gig Polyfest After Party with Maoli and Fiji and DJ wizard, also at the Blue Note. Shout outs to the Surf Jack crew for adopting me and being the life of the party.
Another day in paradise. I got to swim with a huge Hawaiian sea turtle in beautiful cove. Ate Hawaiian pizza in the sun. BTW: The geckos are green here.
Funky little hole in the wall. Serving perfect Hawaiian pizza.
Saturday morning in Waialua tastes like: Chocolate (does grow on trees! + sun dried cocoa nibs), Coffee tasting, Mountain Apples (taste like flowers eats like pears) cute local stores and farmers market. Smells like fragrant soaps and BBQ Kailua pig
Saturday morning in Waialua looks like...

22 June 2018

My island home by night.
Sunset in Waimea Bay. The boat anchored off shore was playing island music for the whole Bay to hear. Bliss.
Pupukea tidal pools. Full of sea life.
My name added to the Original Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck. Ate ‘happy’ at Seven Brothers @ the Kahului Sugar Mill where you don’t get table numbers.
Required tourist shot.
Mokuleia beach park was amazing. Teeming with kite surfers and idyllic vistas.
Fans of tv show ‘Lost’ may recognise this village. Fun fact: It is a YMCA camp.
Secret beaches. Most North Westerly Point of Oahu
My island home
Gardening goals

21 June 2018

What you find when you are lost
North shore, Waialua. Tiny house living. Where the gigantic Smirnoffs grow.
Summer solstice and the sun is shining
Buddhist temple and gardens
More garden-y goodness
Manicured gardens, elaborate temple, koi filled ponds, meditation pagoda and the sound of the gong ringing out for the duration of the visit. Deeply spiritually beautiful.