Europe · 5 Days · 5 Moments · October 2016

Hattie's trip to Latvia

25 October 2016

The first evening in Riga was spent at the British Embassy for a drinks reception; my first jaunt into diplomatic life. I wanted to snoop around but there were lots of chunky skinheaded security guards around (although admittedly playing angry birds on their phone) so I thought I'd better behave...

23 October 2016

My jaunt into Latvia finished with a trip to a 17th Century palace built by the Russians. Plush and beautiful but the tour went on a bit!

21 October 2016

We took a trip en route to Riga to see the beautiful Baltic Sea 🌊
My journey into Latvia starts with a very long bus ride and a surprisingly easy boarder crossing. It looks like something out of a Soviet spy film