Spain · 6 Days · 25 Moments · May 2016

Harvinder 's odyssey through Spain

6 June 2016

Goodbye Spain! See you again

5 June 2016

Rounding off our day in Girona
Coastal region of Girona
More from Girona
Our trip to the medieval city of Girona

4 June 2016

Tickets bar part ii
Tickets bar part i
Arc de triomph
Parc Güell complete!
Parc Güell part ii
Spending the day at Parc Güell

3 June 2016

Ending the day with some Flamenco dancing!
Sagrada Familia and Barcelona Cathedral part ii
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Cathedral and more!
Ending the night with a visit to our friend Javier at Bar Lobo

2 June 2016

La Pedrera continued
More beach and off to La Pedrera
Time for the beach!
Palau Güell, Roman ruins and more!

1 June 2016

Rounding off our casual walk around town
Continuing our tour of Barcelona
Doing the touristy bit

31 May 2016

Rounding off the day with some food and drink! Burgers from Bacoa Universitat
Starting off our first day in Barcelona with a walkaround of the city
Hold onto your hats! We're flying to Barcelona!