North America, Asia · 13 Days · 9 Moments · October 2017

Steve's turn to go to India

17 October 2017

Today was a big day (literally and figuratively). I spent sunrise on Wed. at the Taj Mahal and caught sunrise the very next morning in Newark...36 hours later...time travel is awesome. I had a great time spent with great friends (some disguised as as Heather's "colleagues") and can't wait to tag out with my next lego travel buddy. I think a nice trip to visit my new friend in Billund might be just the ticket!

16 October 2017

We did a sunset lake tour and that was simply amazing. Aside from the beautifulnviews of Udaipur and the setting sun - we met a very nice man and his daughter who are from a town in Denmark than neighbors Billund - lego HQ! We HAD to get a photo - it was such a cool moment.

15 October 2017

10 October 2017

9 October 2017

Today I finally got a bit of down time and got to go to a petting zoo! I did learn that I do NOT like Emus...they tried to eat me! On the bright side, I got to pet a bunny!💓

8 October 2017

6 October 2017

Okay that was a loooooong flight! What happened to Friday? At least I made it and am making my way through customs! The airport has a lot of beautiful artwork!

5 October 2017