France · 3 Days · 14 Moments · March 2016

Harry's voyage in France

22 March 2016

Little walk to the sea front for big eats and crepes
Coming out the tunnel
Matt Stevens presented the shirts. Great ginger beard on the boy
Taking a walk to the Stade Mayol

21 March 2016

Nice evening crepe and Eldon had a 2 Pinter
Post training tan and chill
Bit of training
Bit of cards and tea and coffee after lunch in the sun
The boys waiting to head to scran

20 March 2016

Sharing with my oppo Dom. Can't say to much about the room and view
Some nice views on the way over.
I would claim this is the 1st leg but it isn't. 0445 we left Gosport, early yes, but would you expect anything less from the Navy?? Anyway off to Toulon to take on the French Navy (or as we call them the Froggy Cunts).