North America, Europe · 16 Days · 24 Moments · May 2017

Harry's adventure in United Kingdom

16 June 2017

Well I've made it back to the states, we're sitting at the airport in Atlanta waiting for a flight home to St. Louis. Might be hard to tell from the photo but there's a beautiful rainbow in the background! That must be some kind of assign her?

15 June 2017

We stopped in Bath, England for several hours to visit Roman ruins. The traffic in the town was awful but the Roman bath ruins were great.
Hey great trip on the ferry over from Ireland to England. The weather was much better than the trip from England to Ireland. We will be using a restored castle in Cardiff and staying the night.
This morning we are leaving Ireland. We will be taking a four and half hour ferry ride over to Wales, driving down to Cardiff. This our last night out on the tour. The sea appears to be, so it should be a smooth trip!

14 June 2017

We traveled over to the Blarney castle to kiss the stone! Weather was pleasant, so overall a good experience. We have ended up in Waterford for the night. We took the Waterford crystal tour which was very interesting, but could be expensive. We catch the ferry in the morning and are back to Wales for final night on tour!

13 June 2017

Fine stay in Killarney, the best hotel of the tour! We had a short horse carriage ride! A little information about "black pudding", it was available every morning! Afraid to try!
We are staying in a beautiful hotel in Killarney! The weather, although not clear and sunny is acceptable. Just returned from a tour "Ring of Kerry" which was pretty exciting.

12 June 2017

We travel on to Killarney today. Stop by the Irish national stud farm to learn about horse races and their breeding procedures! The Irish people are very much into a horse racing. Still rainy but no real live downpours.

11 June 2017

We have made it to Ireland. Came over on the ferry Saturday night. Very busy here in Dublin! We are heading out to a pub for dinner tonight. Toured the Guinness brewery this morning. Pretty amazing place.

9 June 2017

We are spending the night in Chester England and will be leaving on a ferry over to Dublin Ireland tomorrow! Having a great time and the weather has been OK the last day!
Spent the night in Windermere England, in the lakes district! One more day in England then of go Ireland

8 June 2017

Just leaving Scotland. Stopped by a war Memorial Park.

7 June 2017

Spend a lot of time on the bus yesterday and have now crossed the border back into England. Scotland is a very interesting place. We got a bit of bad luck in that it rained quite a lot!
We have made it to St Andrews but a bit cold!

6 June 2017

We made to the Edinburgh castle, however it is raining like crazy. Tons of tourists with umbrellas, not a pleasant sight!

5 June 2017

I guess these are the wild animals of Edinburgh, not sure about the crosswalk! Having a great time but just a little wet!
We have arrived in Scotland and the weather is exactly as expected!
This guy claims he knew Hadrian personally!
Yes they have a wall and Mexico paid for it, I think. Or maybe that was Hadrian!
Oh sure there are others sights, wow look at our ride!

2 June 2017

Oh shit now?
Might be a while before we get out of here!

31 May 2017

We are getting packed this evening in anticipation of meeting Tom and Linda plus Joe and Polly near the palace in London England, Friday mid day.