United States of America · 12 Days · 36 Moments · July 2017

Harrison's journi to United States of Amer...

7 August 2017

Boarding AA for the first time! Looking to land at 9am let you know if any different

6 August 2017

I have a mood ring!

5 August 2017

Just chillin' 🌶
Big GAY Ice Cream 🍦! I edited one ☝️.
Cheesecake 🧀 Factory
Ella, Harrison and Nanny having a trip to the park.
Says it all
My unicorn 🦄 and it's bottle 🍼 !

4 August 2017

Morning Hugs and what a weird Fanta

3 August 2017

Rocky Steps from the film Rocky 🎥
Adventures at the Museum of Natural Sciences!
The cutest insects ever!
Morning Adventures

2 August 2017

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Broadway, Times Square
Planet Hollywood
All of us with NYPD in Times Square!

1 August 2017

My second American McDonalds adventure but the first eat-in.
Me, Ollie and Nanos loving Central Park!
Me and Ollie rocking the shades and the editing!
What a weird Kit Kat!

31 July 2017

Brand new glasses at the Subway !
Police car by Empire State!
At The High Line and market!
Welcome to Harrison !

30 July 2017

Secret Subway
Baseball at Phillies ! We won!
Second trip to IHOP ( International House of Pancakes )

29 July 2017

Olly's BDAY!
A walk to the park. Although, Ella went in the 5-12 aged area.
So happy to meet our cousins!

27 July 2017

Both Ollie and the plane in flight mode! 🦄
A snack on the flight! 7 WHOLE HOURS!
At the airport with a mocktail; ready for the flight!