Europe, Asia · 6 Days · 19 Moments · March 2016

Hari's short break in Cambodia

1 April 2016

Moving to a new Journi for the Vietnam leg of this trip. See you all there :-)
Off to the airport for the flight to Vietnam. Debating whether to start a new Journi or keep this one

31 March 2016

Dinner out at Sugar Palm. Really impressive food and very good value
Wandered through the old market - lots of neon and open front restaurants.
Last full day in Cambodia started with a visit to a floating village. Self sustaining by fishing apparently, despite the fact the lake is getting more and more polluted. A bit too poverty tourism for me but still fascinating.
Feeling a touchy crappy this morning - caught Aaron's head cold from the plane. Hope today's visit to a floating village will distract me from my general feeling of meh

30 March 2016

Ruins of Bang Mealea feels like an Indiana Jones movie or Uncharted games. Large blocks of ancient building covered in vines and treea
Aaron and Kathryn at Bang Mealea

29 March 2016

The Bayon - the temple of faces with over 200 carved on every tower.
Ta Prohm - or as our guide called it, the Tomb Raider temple. The only temple left as it was, with trees slumped over walls, the roots entwined with the bricks
5am trip to Angkor Wat in order to watch the sunrise. The sun came up but there was so much mist it hung like a red dish in the sky. Thousands of tourists waited in front of the reflecting pool for the perfect shot. Inside it was a lot calmer, and walking out the east side, almost empty. Stunning

28 March 2016

Drinks by the hotel pool in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Flight from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh city. Pretty spectacular views from the plane but very misty - or is that pollution?
Second business class flight of the trip - this time Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh.
It's hard to see but those are some impressive mountains in the distance. Very grey here though. I can see why the English felt at home... :-)
It's layover time in Hong Kong, theses lounges (and the business class seats) have made it so much easier than I expected. Could get used to this. Time for a coffee and a 45 minute sitdown to give my brain a chance to catch up.

27 March 2016

Never had a plane seat before where my knees didn't hurt. This is ace
My view of the next 12 hours. Champagne optional :-)
Chilling out in the Admirals lounge at Heathrow