Canada · 4 Days · 4 Moments · June 2017

Happy 150th Canada!

2 July 2017

The last stop on our journey of east Canada was Toronto. This was a last minute idea we wanted to visit one castle while in Canada and we found a place called Casa Loma. Very Spanish in a French area, I was confused too. We got an audio tour with the price of a ticket. We signed a giant Canada flag and got a free mini Canadian flag. We walked around all of the castle to see and hear what each room of the place could have looked like and what was the purpose of it all. My favorite was the bathroom of the man of the castle. He had an innovative shower for the time era that he lived in. The shower had water emitting from all angles. I would enjoy one of those today if I could afford it.

1 July 2017

After a disastrous night of driving through Montreal's confusing highways, we finally managed to locates our airbnb. We were so tired that we slept in because we could. We didn't have anywhere to go so we rested and toured the city. We borrowed our host's travel book and took to the streets to discover a French city. We spent most of the day navigating the subway. I kept second guessing myself so I took us the scenic route...well more subway scenes anyways. We found the largest basilica in Montreal, the third largest church in Montreal, a famous plateau that was not up to our standards, and many other beautiful buildings and architecture.

29 June 2017

Being Canada's big celebration, gotta make a stop at Parliament Hill to see where the bigwigs make decisions. Stood in the rain for about an hour for free touring tickets of the building. Since there was a big festival soon to be held, there was a big stage and practicing entertainers getting ready for the big shindig. Learned that the only sieving part of the Parliament building was the library, the best part of the building anyways. Had a funny tour guide and learned many interesting Canadian facts.
Traveled through the night to get to just outside of Niagara Falls on June 27th, 2017. The next morning headed out for the Falls with lots of viewing of the Falls and all afternoon photoshoot with the Falls as our backdrop. It was a great day!