United States of America · 63 Days · 32 Moments · December 2017

California Livin'

2 March 2018

My favorite words of advice one of my patients gave me was "If you move to a new state or town and you hate it, find out what the locals do and do exactly that. Every state has something special about it that you'll love, you just need to be open-minded and live like the locals." I worked with one of the most depressed patients and on her last day she surprised me with ice cream and said "thank you for caring for me and for always being so kind to her." I was able to treat a patient that had a stroke that was left untreated for a year (left side neglect) and now fell and broke her hip and also has mild to severe dementia, to stand up on her own and to be more aware and use the left arm. I have learned so much about Occupational Therapy, growing up and how to depend on only myself. THANK YOU California for a great experience out here (I also got told by the rehab director that he is going to be keeping tabs on me from a distance ;) future job possibility? Maybe :)
Woke up this morning and it was the first time in 8 weeks that I didn't want to go to work. I knew that when I arrived that morning I would be walking into my last day at Carlsbad By The Sea Retirement Home (Care Center). I can honestly say that I took everyday with an open mind and as a learning experience. My supervisor Adaina is the most thoughtful, caring, compassionate person but was an even better teacher and friend. She surprised me with the most beautiful and yummy cake!! I have so many new resources and contacts for some great Occupational Therapy Practitioners and Physical Therapy Practitioners as well. I had such unique clientel where I got to listen to there stories of how they got to where they are today. Many came from New York, Massachusetts, Flordia, Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, Switzerland, England and came to California to retire 20, 30, 40 years ago. It was so interesting to be apart of these patients lives and hear all the knowledge and life lessons they had for me.

24 February 2018

We drove down to Pacific beach/Mission beach and rented bikes. We did the whole strip down there and had a great ride! Came back early to the house with (James, Chris, Grant, and Jarrett- Sara's friends Rick and Peggy's kids) and we ordered Dominos Pizza and went hot tubbing.

23 February 2018

Ended our night at the Staples Center going to a Lakers vs. Mavericks NBA basketball game. Scott was able to get us a suite so we had the whole area to our group. The Lakers won 124 to 102 making it a great game and my first experience of an NBA game amazing.
The original Marble Cigarette Cowboy Ad's and some other fancy art pieces. It was pretty windy outside (clearly I have adapted to the warm weather and if it gets below 50 I'm freezing) we stopped and got some hot drinks and Terry of course enjoyed her wine 😉 We then waited for Terry and Sara's friends to arrive to head to the Staple Center.
The LACMA is a wonderful art exhibit with so many interesting pieces making them priceless. The "balloon monkey" which is made out of glass. The metropolis 2 has over 1000 custom made mini cars that actually runs and operates like real traffic in LA.
Sara, Terry Frederick, and myself drove up to Los Angeles and spent the morning touring the LACMA, which is an art museum. The first one is called the "levitated mass". The next art piece is called "urban light" which this area is often seen in movies especially "No Strings Attached".

18 February 2018

I went to Moonlight Beach this afternoon and did alittle reading while soaking up some sunshine since I only have 2 weekends left before I leave for my next adventure in Colorado! I also visited this cute little garden that this guy made and he allows you to paint rocks there and then leave them. It's such a neat idea! I finished the night with doing some homework and getting some assignments finished up finally!

14 February 2018

Ran by the ocean after work, Huck took Oliver for a walk when I got home, and Sara picked up chicken teriyaki bowls for supper. I also got a beautiful rose from work, making my first Valentine alone much more exciting because i got to spend it with some awesome patients and I even got a box of chocolates from one of my favorites :)

11 February 2018

Scott and I decided to take the boys (Huckleberry "huck"-black lab, Oliver "bear"-white lab) to Del Mar North Beach or known as dog beach. I promise, there was not one sad lonely pup in that whole area! What a great place where you can bring your dog and let them loose to run, meet new pup friends, and swim in the ocean. These dogs are living the dream out here ;) enjoy huck and Oliver (brothers) taking advantage of this beautiful sunset ;) ;) We met Sara for supper after she got off work, at California Pizza Kitchen.

10 February 2018

I also found this really cool off trail that exposed a beautiful scenic overlook. I hiked 3 miles total and the entire time I didn't see a single person!
Hiked up to Potato Chip Rock today almost 5 miles total. It was alittle difficult on the way up because it was straight up all the way but coming down was a breeze!

3 February 2018

Beautiful day with the sun shining and barely a breeze in the air, Scott, Sara and I hiked almost 4 miles at Torrey Pines. I drank 2 big water bottles before we made it back down!! Sara ran into some friends in the bathroom and we all went to Sea Salt Del Mar to fill up our stomachs, I had Fish and Chips and man was that delicious.

1 February 2018

28 January 2018

Early morning today, Lisa and I tried to catch the sunrise at 646 but just wasn't the right "timing" it was stuck behind the big mountain. Lisa had to be at the San Diego Airport by 830 and then we said our goodbyes or "see you soon's". I've came to the conclusion, no matter what the situation is, saying bye at an airport is not easy. I'm so lucky to have great family and friends who continue to support me even when I'm a thousand miles away. Lisa made it back safe to Minna"snow"ta around 3pm. Scott, Sara, and I went and had a late lunch at The Besta Wan Pizza House and then headed over to one of there friends to visit their 10 week old Australian puppy! He (Scout) looked just like Willow which made me miss her alittle extra! I'm going to be starting week 4 of my California Internship which means it's half over!! It's definitely flying by but learning so much.

27 January 2018

Went down to San Diego with Aunt Lisa to tour the USS Midway Museum and met up with her cousin Bruce White (my first time meeting him). It was neat getting the chance to tour an actual Navy Ship and getting to learn about them as well. The statue behind me is called the "Embracing Peace Statue". We went over and had lunch in Coronado at Panera Bread and then headed over to the Coronado Beach. It was windy and chilly so we didn't stay long. We got back home around 530 and just "chilled" by having some supper and another night of hot tubbing.

26 January 2018

Lisa came with me to work and she spent the day on the beach and exploring Carlsbad. I was able to get off early around 2 and we decided to head down to Oceanside Pier and wait for the sunset. Did some rock balancing and got some beautiful photos on the Pier. We picked up some pizza to go from Primo Pizza and Pasta and ended the night with alittle hot tubbing.

25 January 2018

Auntie Lisa finally arrived to my home around 6pm after she spent the day at the Torrey Pine Golf Tournament arriving in San Diego around 9am. We went out for supper at the cheesecake factory and I think we both gained about 5 pounds in one meal setting but it was good! Lisa had Key Lime Pie Cheesecake and I had Chris's Outragous Cheesecake.

21 January 2018

Started the day with a 3 mile run and then relaxing by the pool with Huck and Oliver!! Sara took me down to Solana Beach and we had brunch at the Naked Cafe, I had mango coconut pancakes SO DELICIOUS. We walked through some local stores and then visited Fletcher Cove Beach.

19 January 2018

2nd week of work was good! Got out of work alittle early a few days so I was able to watch the sunset 3 nights on the beach! One night it was alittle foggy but the other 2 it was sunny and clear. Right next to my work is this coffee shop and on the wall outside is this unique painting that i finally made my way over and got a picture of it. And of course I'm still getting pictures of my Willow baby so even though she isn't with me, she secretly is still :)

13 January 2018

I drove mom and Mary to the San Diego airport this morning at 11am and said goodbye with a few tears. Since I was down in that area I drove to Coronado beach and witnessed my first beach wedding. It was an absolutely beautiful day with 80 degree weather. I took some pictures of the seagals flying around and picked a few broken seashells for my collection.

11 January 2018

Such a crazy first week with so much learning and getting familiar with all new people and places. I have the most amazing supervisor, who has so much confidence in me (even offered me a job and hopes I come back when I'm done with everything😄). The facility has so many great workers and everyone has been very kind. If you live in "independent living" you can have animals live with you, so one patient of ours let us go doen to her room and do treatment there while we got visit her kitty's as well. Got out early enough before it was too dark and walked down to the ocean to relax a bit before driving "home". Molly came and visited for 4 days, Ian came for 1 and Mary came for 3 days. So all of us plus Scott, Sara, and my mom all met at Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizza for supper on Thursday night and then came back and ate some delicious pie Sara made, coconut banana pie.

7 January 2018

Brenna's last day here called for 60 minutes of foot reflexology and 60 minutes of full body massage, never thought I'd say getting a massage was so much work! All four of us were tired afterwards but felt great! Sara took us to one of Molly's favorite food places Mozycafe where we ate an acai bowl, definitely going to have to go back there! Then did alittle grocery exploring and this place had there own natural honey and bee hive! This little cutie is Sara's cat and she has made being away from all my animals alittle easier but I still miss them all! 💔

6 January 2018

First time trying In-N-Out burger and it was delicious, drove down to Carlsbad and walked the beach again but it was alittle chilled and you could definitely tell there is rain coming for the next few days.

5 January 2018

Last two days have been alittle crazy! Made it to my first "home" (Scott and Sara's) in Encinitas, CA on January 4th around 6:30pm! Our drive from Las Vegas to here was basically desert/sand due to our detour stop into Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree National Park. January 5th was gorgeous today. Sara drove me to where my internship will be located and I honestly don't think it will feel "work". I mean the Pacific Ocean is right behind the facility I'll be working at, Carlsbad By The Sea Retirement Home/Care Center. We ventured over to Cardiff and ate at one of Scott's favorite Mexican restaurants, Las Olas. Sara, mom, Brenna, and myself walked through the Meditation Gardens and did alittle shopping.

3 January 2018

Stayed at the golden nugget on Fremont street, put 15$ into the penny slot and walked away with 0$, whoops! We went to the hoover dam and did a dam tour of the dam.. ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel for our last night traveling. Went to the Bellagio water show and walked the strip, ending our night with a 9 scoop ice cream bowl :) next stop California!

2 January 2018

South Rim of the Grand Canyon! Literally no pictures do justice for how beautiful our earth is. Even went and found my center (yoga talk) and didn't fall so overall it was a good day. Drove around 200 miles to Las Vagas and made it there 6!

1 January 2018

Today consisted of 11 hours of driving and 650 miles!! Got to our hotel, Red Feather Lodge at the Grand Canyon, AZ. We tried to stop and see Four Corners on our way but it was closed other then that the rest of the time was spent driving and enjoying the beautiful mountains.

31 December 2017

Traveled up to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, snowy and cold but the scenic view was beautiful! Bestie Tay, her cousin Max, Brenna and myself went and stood 8 hours for a great concert with some pretty "lit" music. We started the new year celebrating with Post Malone!!

30 December 2017

Gave extra belly rubs to my Chase boy before we left and Willow thought there was still enough room in the Jeep to come with, even if that meant laying on top of everything (sadly she had to stay back home). Brenna, mom, and I left watertown at 9am on December 30 and arrived to our hotel in Lakewood, CO around 9pm. Mom drove 6 hours, I drove 3 hours, and then mom finished driving 3 more hours.