Norway · 23 Days · 7 Moments · July 2015

Hanna's adventure in Norway

19 August 2015

So today I got to drive the tractor for turning the hay. This kind of work is fun, even though the steering is quite hard since the tractor is around 50 years old. But I really enjoyed doing this work after I raked all the grass from the sides onto the field which was very exhausting. The weather couldn't be better for hay harvesting and tomorrow we start getting the hay inside which will be lots if work too.

1 August 2015

Today we were in the small village of Hattfjelldal. The view is very beautiful and you can see far to the mountains and the forest on one side. The center of the village itself consists only of two supermarkets, a fast food restaurant and a souvenir/flower shop. They also have a Sàmi culture center which is small bit very interesting.

31 July 2015

Here is one impression on what getting the horses in can look like. Every morning and afternoon I have to get them outside onto the field and over night and from lunch until the afternoon they stay inside in their stables. During some time of the day they have to stay inside because they'd eat too much otherwise and would get sick (Icelandic horses are big eaters even though they are just ponies) There are three of them and they all have very nice personalities, mostly very curious and they to nibble a lot.
Here is just a small overview over the farm with two of the neigbours buildings and on the second picture the stables for the cows and horses. On the third picture there is the pasture for the cows.

29 July 2015

One of the first working tasks here was going fishing. The lake is called Storvassli and has a stunning view over the mountain to every side. The atmosphere with the rowing boat is very calming, but putting out the fishing nets is more complicated than it looks like. First we have to take out the nets in the evening and in the early morning take them in again. All the fish that is still alive has to be killed by hitting them with a wooden stick when pulling them into the boat.

28 July 2015

I finally arrived in Gryteselv on the farm. The area around here is absolutely beautiful and the people here are very friendly. Here's my room and the view out of its windows
Start of my year in Scandinavia - from Düsseldorf to Oslo and then 14 hours in the train from Oslo to Trofors