North America, Asia · 17 Days · 14 Moments · August 2017

Hanna's adventure in Japan

16 September 2017

My newest and first Liz Lisa outfit! It's so beautiful and I love it. The second outfit was just a cute thing I got at a different store.
Harajuku shrine and streets! Went with Gabe and Bella and had a great time!

15 September 2017

Shopping in Aeon mall with Nicole and Vilma! So much fun! Got a ton of cute stuff.

12 September 2017

General Chiba prettiness.

11 September 2017

Just hanging at Kanda

8 September 2017

Pretty park in Chiba
Chiba Shrine. So beautiful and cool. Got my shrine book filled in, got my fortune told, and got an omamori for my dog 😂. Good day overall.

7 September 2017

Made some new friends with the Korean girls! They're so sweet.

5 September 2017

Japanese police car! And my outfit of the day.

4 September 2017

Got myself a bike! Gonna make getting around so much easier. Got it at ドンキホーテ

2 September 2017

回転寿司 conveyor belt sushi at スシロー (sushirō) it was soooo good and super cheap.
Wandering about

31 August 2017

Shopping with Miku! I saw some bizarre foods. I also tried a peanut butter and jelly and mochi sandwich which was delicious.
Finally made it to Japan! ANA has great in flight food.