Germany, Switzerland · 9 Days · 22 Moments · May 2016

Hannah's trip to Germany & Switzerland

25 May 2016

German History Museum & the Cologne Cathedral

22 May 2016

Today in Lucerne

21 May 2016

We have arrived in Switzerland

20 May 2016

Our last night in Munich! Enjoyed our time at the Hofbräuhaus

19 May 2016

Dachau front gate
The living areas in Dachau
Religious monuments, Landscape setup to prevent prisoners from escaping, and the trees as a part of the memorial in Dachau
Crematoriums in Dachau
Olympic Tower & Olympic Stadium. The stadium was built to look like the Alps🏔

18 May 2016

Finally in bed after day 2. Today consisted of walking around and exploring on our own. Munich is a beautiful city from what we've seen so far. Tomorrow we are off to Dachau as well as BMW world. Then we can explore Munich on our own for the rest of the day. Loving every minute of this trip!
Our first beer garden!
Our first day in Munich! Loving every minute of it!

17 May 2016

Today's adventure in Rothenburg
Finally landed in Frankfurt! The current time is 9:56 am. With only an hour of sleep in the past 24 hours, this day may be difficult to get through. Not much on the itinerary today, so lots of sightseeing. Pictures to come soon (:

16 May 2016

About to take off from Detroit. Off to Frankfurt
Itinerary Day 1: Walking tour in Rothenburg Day 2: Travel to Munich via the Romantic Road & have a traditional Bavarian Dinner Day 3: Excursion to Dachau Day 4: Free day in Munich Day 5: Travel to Lucerne via Neuschwanstein and visit the Neuschwanstein Castle Day 6: Walking tour of Lucerne & excursion to a Swiss Mountain Day 7: Travel to Heidelberg via the Rhine Falls and the Black Forest, visit the Rhine Falls, and visit the Heidelberg Castle Day 8: Travel to Rhinelands, take a walking tour of Koblenz and take a Rhine Boat Cruise Day 9: Travel to Cologne, visit the Cologne Cathedral, travel to Bonn to visit Beethoven's house and the Germany History Museum