Austria · 128 Days · 10 Moments · December 2017

Ski Season - St. Anton, Austria 2017/2018

10 April 2018

We took part in the Taps Race today

20 March 2018

It was fun skiing today... complete whiteout and couldn't see my hand in front of me! Here's Triin looking like she is clinging on for dear life

16 March 2018

Today we went over to ZΓΌrs in between our shifts. We did a new run and was really good! Beautiful views β›·

5 March 2018

Today we had a day off work to spend with Lauren & Ev on the second day of their holiday. We skied to Lech and the weather was amazing

16 January 2018

Today was Tom's 24th birthday!! 🎈we had the day off with Triin and ate at Mooserwirt as a treat (it's quite expensive to eat there!) we also went skiing and had a few beers on the mountain ☺️

25 December 2017

It's Christmas!!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ but St. Anton celebrate Christmas on the 24th. Anyway, being away from home and the fact that we didn't have a roast dinner today means that it can't be Christmas right? So we went for a beer and sat in the short people corner. Meet Christmas from the slopes! 🌟

21 December 2017

Today we went Tobogganing! Had so much fun and weather was beautiful 🌞🌞

12 December 2017

We went tobogganing for the first time today and it was so much fun!!

4 December 2017

Today was first ever time on skis!! It went well however the visibility was very poor and it was snowing so didn't help my confidence much. We then went into town so discover what was there and went for pizza πŸ»πŸ•

3 December 2017

Our journey to Austria for the ski season began today! We had a flight into Innsbruck and then had to get the train into St.Anton... which we didn't realise had 1st and 2nd class carriages so we got on a 1st class carriage and had to stand for the 2.5 hours as we got not move to 2nd class with all of our luggage! Anyway, we finally arrived at the hotel and met our new employers who are lovely. We settled into our room ready for our adventure for the next 4 months! 😊