Italy · 2 Days · 9 Moments · September 2017

Hannah's adventure in Venice, Metropolitan Ci

29 September 2017

After intending on taking a water bus to the train station, we decided it's be better to walk just in case we ran out of time. Thankfully, again, we got here with plenty of time to spare & made it to our cabin ok! It's very small with three beds on top of each other & just enough room for our baggage. Hoping for a good night's sleep!! Going to get up early to see the sunrise & look at the pretty French countryside!! We're sharing with another lady who is from Dijon France, Elisabet. We didn't chat much with her but she was very sweet.
We stumbled across a gorgeous glass shop with a lovely local who helped us spend way to much money on gifts πŸ˜‚ & then took her recommendation to eat at a local restaurant that has true Venetian food. We sat outside & soaked up our last view of Venice while eating a cheese board, spaghetti & drinking some wine. It was the perfect way to finish in Italy. I love the people, the culture, the views, history & especially the food...this country is very special!! ❀
We made our way back to St. Mark's & went inside & the detail of all the paintings on the ceiling in the midst of gold tiles was just gorgeous! We weren't allowed to take any photos sadly but it couldn't have been more grandeous or beautiful! We then had lunch at a pub on the way from St Marks to the water bus. The waitress was crazy & worked the floor, sprooking, taking orders and giving out food all by herself. She tried hard, but we waited a while :p while we were waiting, there was a lovely couple of old ladies sitting at the table next to us & we imagined that we would be like that in 60 years. We got chatting to them & they were really so very lovely. We bought our ticket for the water bus, but realised while we were sitting waiting that we were going to run out of time, so instead we hopped on a different water bus & headed home bound.
One shop we stopped at was an artist's studio where we were drawn in by beautiful paintings of Venice. The Brazilian owner inside was, like many of the locals, lovely!! We had a nice time chatting with him & hearing about his life & journey. We both bought the same gorgeous painting of a bridge & view near our hotel, which will be a special reminder of this special place ❀❀❀
We got up & threw some clothes on so we could go & have breakfast in the hotel dining room. I was so excited to have my first proper cup of tea since leaving home! Oh how I've missed it! We enjoyed the quiet breakfast & then headed up to our room to check out. Because the Crows were in the grand final, Jeff & Wendy had driven to Melbourne & were staying in my room. So we went to a cafe next door to our hotel (so we could still connect to their wifi) & had a Skype date with our parents. It was so lovely! It was the first time we'd spoken to our parents 'face to face' since we left. It was really special to be all together like that!! We spoke to them for about 45 mins. We intended to head straight to the water bus so we could head to one of the islands, but we kept getting distracted by views, shopping & the inside of St Marks Basilica (which was INCREDIBLE), that we didn't quite manage that.

28 September 2017

Currently sitting outside on our little porch in Venice. What!!! VENICE!! A lifelong dream & it feels sooo surreal but yet also, so normal. We've had the perfect night. After dinner we raced to the shops, then wandered back to our hotel, found some gelato & have since been sitting outdoors, eating & drinking wine. It's been lovely to slow down & enjoy our view as well as the fresh, cool night air while doing some of our Bible study too. It's so lovely!! I'm sad we leave tomorrow already!! Would love to prioritise coming back some day! ❀ I'm so thankful to God for all that this trip is. Amazing that tonight only marks one week. We've been immersed in such a different way of life & environment, that it's felt long! I pray that it'll continue to be just as amazing & that we can truly enjoy God's gifts to us. Also, that we can relax & find time to rest in the middle of all the busyness! ❀
The water bus was a great way to see Venice! But it was also super crowded, nonetheless, it was perfect to see how beautiful Venice is! We hopped off at a stop near our hotel & walked to find somewhere for dinner. We found a cute little place, with a lively waitress & glass blown ornaments hanging from the roof. We really enjoyed our dinner & the atmosphere. We then grabbed​ some snacks & wine & walked back to our hotel via a gelati shop. We then sat out on our patio with our gelati, wine & biscotti & did another of our devotions. The weather on the patio was just perfect! It was a still, clear night & it felt as though the world didn't exist around us! We had trouble opening the wine again... doesn't seem to be our friend!! πŸ˜‚πŸΎπŸ· By the time we were back at the hotel, we felt like we'd had a good introduction to Venice & that we'd seen most of what we wanted too.
We walked taking in the beautiful view & stopping for many photos along the way. It was just incredible & I was in love! 😍 Concierge told me we could take a Gondola ferry for 2€ instead of the 80€. It was a river crossing - bit of fun! We continued walking & found Ponte de Rialto at sunset which gave a gorgeous view! Then stumbled across another Disney store & made our way to St. Marks Square! It was stunning! The detail in the artwork was incredible & told the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. I really loved it!! Concierge also suggested we have a spritz at a bar in the square. He gave us the tip that if we sat down that they'd charge us for a concert (they have amazing live music with full bands happening all around the square), so we should have a drink at the bar- which we did, an Aperol Spritz! We then walked along the water front & waited for a water bus to take us home. The views with the lights shining on the buildings was stunning again!
Our hotel was gorgeous!! The room was spacious & lovely & had an extra part attached, but the best part was that we had a patio attached to our room! It was stunning & overlooked the ghetto!!! Just like in Rome the ghetto was where Jews were confined as the Italian people believed they were gaining too much power. The one we stayed in was one of the oldest! It is still used as a beautiful meeting place now for families & kids and seemed to be always buzzing with people. There are numerous synagogues around the Italian one right above our heads in fact! We settled in our room for a while & then I went & asked for recommendations from the concierge & got some great advice!!!