Australia and Oceania, Asia, Europe · 3 Days · 7 Moments · September 2017

Traveling to Europe

23 September 2017

Stopover in London: Again, this was surreal. We made it to London!! Crazy... We had to go through customs to then change flights. Thankfully it was quick & the guy at passport control was very friendly, giving us holiday tips etc. Very nice! We discovered after walking what felt like forever that we had to take a train to change terminals. How big is Heathrow airport?? Wow! We quickly freshened up, grabbed some food & boarded our flight to Rome. The goal was to try & stay awake so we could sleep at the hotel but i totally dozed off!

22 September 2017

Stopover in Dubai: Sleepy us had about an hour and a half off the plane after 13 hours and before the next 7 1/2. We wandered with dazed eyes enjoying the stretch of our legs. Some beautiful tourist items on sale - I couldn't help thinking how local Dubai people must kinda snigger & laugh at what's on sale like we do with the tiny koalas & boomerangs. Personally I loved the salt & pepper sheiks!! Everything else was so pretty!! Still feeling sick but thankfully started eating again.

21 September 2017

The joys of traveling... - A few minutes into our trip, Ebony got dripped on by water leaking from the overhead lockers. I too got wet a little later on 💦💧 - A woman was violently ill behind us - I got a tummy bug of some sort...haven't been eating & feeling nauseous 😫 - Our two TV screens kept stopping working
On our way. It all feels surreal. I'm with Ebony, half way to Dubai currently. The fact I've only gotten about 4ish hours sleep & can't seem to get any more so far feels more real, also the cramp in my right knee right now.. 😂
Eb's flight from Adelaide was slightly late so Mum & I went in & found where we needed to be & check-in. We then found Eb once she had her stuff & did the same for her. We were originally out in the middle 2 of 4 seats (not fun) so I asked about being moved & thankfully we got sent to a different desk where a man made sure it happened for both flights. Thanks God!! Still I sit here needing to go to the bathroom now & having to wake Eb in a moment, but it's better than a stranger. Airport wait was again surreal. As was takeoff - the plane is so big we hardly felt it!! We were both Soo very tired, it was exciting to sleep, however after some food & a delicious, rich chocolate pudding were wide awake for a bit longer.
I found myself, not surprisingly, emotional & slightly teary at each point of saying goodbye. First off was saying bye to Joel at home & getting in the car (it beginning to feel real started to hit me here). Mum & Dad drove me & we arrived super early so we parked hidden in a side street & chatted & prayed. It was so lovely! I could hardly concentrate as the tears were also flowing here, but it was so special to have both dad & mum pray for me like that (something mum reminds me she does everyday anyway. Beautiful)!
The lead up to leaving... I spent today with Joel. We visited Matt & Holly, Imogen & Celeste. So perfect & beautiful​ & tiny!! ❤ We had cuddles for at least an hour, it was so lovely! I'll look forward to catching up more with Holly when I'm back. Joel & I then had lunch at Eastland, watched the new Kingsman movie, visited Gran to say goodbye & then I had an hour to finish packing & leave home. Slightly​ stressful but a good day all up!