France · 6 Days · 13 Moments · September 2017

Hannah's adventure in France

5 October 2017

Today's been a big day. Got up at 7 for breakfast at 7.15. Buffet again, was simple but nice :) We finished packing & walked to our bus Dublin bound!! Got there on time however the driver told us that we had to be 10 minutes prior to load our luggage..if only we knew! He pretty much turned us away but as I was standing on the steps talking to Eb about having to catch the next one, he got up in a huff, mouthed off in French & let us put our luggage on. Haha πŸ˜‚ We had a 2 hour wait at the airport, thankfully found a really nice free lounge area where we chilled for a while. Next came the plane. It was a small almost regional one. Which was very snug... Eb & I were say separately in the same row however both the middle person in between. It was so tight that I felt the need to sit upright​ with elbows in the whole time​ πŸ›©πŸ›©πŸ›©

4 October 2017

Day #3: We lined up for a ride that broke down we lost time but had a quick breakfast after & raced to Disneyland. - We met Cinderella πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘ (In line for 50mins) - Train around the outside - Saw end of Villain Show - Lunch at "Hakuna Matata" 🦁 - 25th Anniversary​ Show - Princess Show - Met Peter Pan, Jafar, Baloo & Dr Facilier - Saw the Dragon under the Castle - Dumbo Flight -Casey Jr Train Ride πŸš‚ - Mad Hatters Tea Cups β˜• - Big Thunder Mountain (so much fun!) 🏞 - Character Parade - Orbitron - Hyper space mountain (Star Wars) - Buzz Light-year - Illuminations Show πŸŽ† An amazing day! Got through all we planned & had time for more! We did lots of shopping & took enough breaks that our feet survived! We loved with Peter Pan & how he responded to everyone with wonder! We had such a long time with him, he was gorgeous. He was so fascinated with us & asked me lots of questions 😍 I was in love 😘 It was hard to leave but to finish off the magic a couple got engaged next to us ❀

3 October 2017

Day #2: - Met Buzz Light-year!! πŸš€ - Aladdin Carpet Ride x2 - Armageddon Interactive Special Effects - Aerosmith Roller Coaster - Studio Tram Tour - Mickey & the Magician show 🎩 - Met Cruella 🐾 - Tower of Terror - Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop - Slinky Zig Zag Spin - RC Racer - Cars Spin 🚘 A really fun day today! I loved having different rides for me from LA - most of them were new which was so great!! 😁😁 Again, loved all of the detail in everything... from the sets to the music, it was all really well done! We lasted well today! We're surprised by how much energy we had at the end of the day. Unfortunately though, the feet really began to feel it. The soreness is reminding me of last Disneyland. Can only imagine what tomorrow night will be like!! My sore knees are truly playing up now which isn't helping 😬😬 So sad its the last day though!!! Already!! 😘✨😍

2 October 2017

We woke up tired but excited for the day ahead. Because we were staying at one of the hotels attached to the park, we were able to get in at 8:30 rather than at 10 when the park opened. I couldn't tell you all the rides or the order we did them in, but I can tell you it was magical!! We did rides for: Pinocchio (telling the story), buzz lightyear (shooting aliens), pirates of the Caribbean (on boats), Indiana Jones (roller coaster), Star Wars & Cars. We met: Captain Hook, darth Vader, eeyore and tigger. We did tours/activities about: Aladdin, Alice in wonderland, walked through the castle, a treehouse, pirate ship/island We saw the 25th anniversary show, Disney princesses show, Halloween show, stars on parade and most of the illuminations show again. By the end of the day, my feet hurt and I was certainly peopled out, but I was in love with this magical place all over again!!! β€πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

1 October 2017

We had dinner at Santa Fe's restaurant, called La Cantina, which is a Mexican buffet. It was so creatively set up! Dessert was all layed out on the back of a pick up ute. Loved it! We then went to the parks for the first time. Soooo exciting!! We had a bit of a wander & then watched the evening show. A beautiful mix of projections from Disney movies with water spray & fireworks...😍 Wow!! It was so fun to be there with Eb & share it. Pretty amazing ❀❀
Our accommodation is called Hotel Santa Fe - a Cars themed hotel!!!!!! 🚘🚘🚘 It's amazing!!!! Everything is cars or outback America in someway or another. The carpet has traffic cones, which are also the shape of the lamps & mirror in our room 😍 The bathroom mirror is like an 80s car shop sign. There's stop motion pics of the cars characters as a strip of wallpaper & also a massive Mater sleeping on our wall. So in love!! ❀❀ Once settled in we spent time relaxing & did face masks before dinner which was amazing!! So perfect to lie still & listen to chilled out music. Such a gift!
Next came catching a taxi to the train station with our bags from the hotel. Annoyingly, the hotel concierge misunderstood us & so started taking us towards a different train station. By the time we figured it out & he turned around, what was supposed to be an 8€ drive turned into 27€ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜¬ We eventually got to Gare De Lyon station where it took ages to figure out what to do. There was hundreds, probably closer to a thousand plus was so full & yet there was no one to help tell us where we needed to be. We eventually figured out that we needed to be downstairs & were able to get tickets there thankfully!! So we hopped on our train to DISNEYLAND!!!! ❀😍❀😍❀😍
Firstly we went to the pharmacy to get Band-Aids for blisters, then were completely taken away & enchanted by the beautiful local life... We found markets with fresh gourmet foods, jewellery, scarfs, handcrafted goods & stumbled across some fun shops which were full of books. We each bought an​ original Madeline book in French! YAY!! ❀ We bought some souvenirs as we wandered around and found a place for lunch where we could sit outside under heaters (as it was cold & wet). I skyped with the family for a while which was really nice to see them!!
I woke up exhausted this morning. I didn't sleep well & so it was hard work. We had breakfast at the hotel & oh my goodness I now understand why people like croissants! It was so fresh & soft & buttery & melted in my mouth!! YUMMMM!! ❀ We then proceeded to crawl straight back into bed & nap for the next hour. I woke up groggy, but have certainly been thankful for the​ rest throughout the day today. We checked out at 12 and spent the next hours wandering the wet streets of Paris!

30 September 2017

We had a nap next as we were exhausted 😴 and then started getting ready for.our evening out. We began with a dinner cruise along the Seine. It was STUNNING! Wow... We had a beautiful meal of patte, chicken, couscous & chocolate pudding as well as passion fruit cheesecake while taking in the views. It was the perfect thing to do! So lovely. We had a beautiful evening sharing memories of our past 10 years & had so much fun reminiscing & celebrating all that we've gone through ❀ 🍻 😘 Next came out bus tour of the night lights of Paris. The bus was full so we were squished up the back & couldn't see anything until they gave us the chance to swap buses. We then sat on the top deck & watched the world go by 😍 By the time we walked back to our hotel we were tired but very thankful for the nap which got us through! We then chatted in bed for a while, looking at the view out our window & listening to French music, it was lovely & relaxing!
We got back to the hotel exhausted, bringing with us greasy footy food ready for the Grand Final! πŸ† So we​ painted our faces with team colours & put on tattoos & were ready to cheer!! We got through the first quarter with great excitement. We were winning & really showing them our strength. Our internet frustratingly cut out then so we had to start streaming from our phone data... Sadly that was the turning point & the game went Richmond's way. It was really disappointing... Our guys fell apart & didn't step up under the pressure... We're now the longest running team to have not won a grand final.
Thankfully getting off the train was straightforward & we were able to walk right to a taxi & hop in. A quick drive to our hotel showed us that we couldn't check in until 1.30pm so we had 3 1/2 hours to kill. At this point we were desperate to watch the Grand Final & so very tired but found a tour bus which did a 2 hour loop of the city - a great way to spend our time!! Especially as it meant we could sit down & watch the world go by! A funny highlight was driving through Place De La Concord, where our car broke down last time we were here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Another the Champs De L'yesee & Arch De!! 😍
Good morning from the train in France!! We've been awake since way before the crack of dawn sadly... It was so hard to sleep. Between the noise of the train & the starting & stopping it was quite miserable! We've both been giggling about how our carriages "butler" was like a camp warden. He came in last night to take our passports so we didn't have to wake up at check points & looked out for us at different points along the way. Quite sweet & funny! As we have no internet, we're waiting to watch the Grand Final til we get to our impatient!! It's hard to not know & be part of the excitement & build up with everyone. Eeeeeeek!! Got up & had a quick breakfast of juice & croissants before retreating back to our warm, cosy beds away from​ people to look at the beautiful french countryside pass us by. We're both feeling really worn out after such a big week of​ site seeing & travelling, so lack of sleep is not feeling great right now. Hoping for a nap before we arrive...