Philippines · 1 Days · 5 Moments · February 2017

Hannah's adventure in Cebu, Philippines

21 February 2017

Selfie while waiting for the hotel staff to arrange our accommodation. Wearing minnie mouse shirt and mickey house hat. Disclaimer: My favorite disney character was winnie the pooh. Haha
Complimentary coffee from our hotel due to some miscommunication in our reservation.
This is it! Now boarding. My mom is excited as well as nervous. Relax mother! Just smile.
Riding the Cebu Pacific bus on the way to the airplane. They were sleepy since we haven't sleep the night before our trip. They were too excited. Our flight is 4.20am Airport arrival is 12.30am We were afraid to be left by the plane. Haha
Our first out of town trip by plane. This is my third time riding a plane as well as for my husband. But for my mom this will be her first. Manila 🛫 Cebu