United States of America · 43 Days · 19 Moments · December 2018

Haniya 's Journi

11 February 2019

Missed bfast, ate 2 RX bars, peach

6 February 2019

Breakfast Yogurt Grapes and pineapples Bread and RX butter and banana Dinner Like 1/4 plate of rice and 2 thigh pieces of chicken Chicken and vegetable soup Granola Grapes Chocolate covered almonds

4 February 2019

Bread 1 slice Grapes Pineapple Lunch: RX bar Kale chips Dinner : stir fry photo

3 February 2019

Greek yogurt and grapes and black berries Rice, ground meat, lentils

2 February 2019

RX BAR Whole wheat pancakes 1.5 pancakes Greek yogurt 1.5 cups Grapes .5 cup Almond butter 1.5 tbsp One piece of dove dark chocolate 1 Chicken skewer Bulgur wheat tabouli 1.5 cups Salad Butternut squash Hummus .5 piece of baklava 1/4 cupcake

24 January 2019

RX BUTTER PACKET 1 BANANA 1.5 RX BAR 90 calorie guacamole packet + 6 pea chips Lunch A salad the size of the photo I attached, Spinach, spring mix, carrots, onions, blue cheese, mushrooms, and balsamic/olive oil dressing 2 85% Chocolate pieces

22 January 2019

Breakfast 2 pretty large kodiak cakes 2-3 tbsp of almond butter 1 cup of Yogurt Berries Snack 1/2 bag of popcorn 1 Larabar- peanut butter

15 January 2019

Breakfast Kodiak cakes with almond butter Greek yogurt with Blueberries and raspberries Lebneh with zaatar and olive oil

14 January 2019

Bfast RX bar Kodiak cakes Almond butter Pomegranates and Greek yogurt Snack Pirates booty chips Pineapple 85 percent dark chocolate Dinner Salmon Edamame Brown rice and quinoa Hummus, zaatar RX BAR Frozen fruit smoothie wirh milk 85 percent Chocolate

8 January 2019

RX butter Banana Greek yogurt Grapes Lentils Chocolate biscuit Chocolate 85 Strawberries Zaatar Greek yogurt Olige oil Grapes Blueberries

7 January 2019

-grapes -green yogurt Banana RX butter Almond butter 85 percent dark chocolate Kale chips Whole wheat pasta 1/2 roti Roasted Chicken Tea no sugar Raspberries

4 January 2019

I also ate half a plate of pasta/chicken with the salad I just didn’t take a photo. I also had “brads kale chips” and grapes

3 January 2019

I didn’t take a photo, huge avocado toast, 2 eggs, cofeee, grilled potatoes. Menu said 800 cal.

2 January 2019

Had raspberries and grapes as well

1 January 2019

31 December 2018

Had some grapes too