Iceland · 284 Days · 36 Moments · August 2014

Bethan & Hal's voyage in Iceland.

17 May 2015


16 May 2015

There's a ship outside the window.
Terry at Momo Ramen, a Tibetan restaurant in Reykjavik.
Overrated street meat and lobster soup.
Yup, that's what it is. Believe it. BTW it's an elephants.

15 May 2015

Only puffins or whales we've seen!
More waterfalls

14 May 2015

Icelandic cinema: erupting plots, volcanic themes, Lava Turner?
Cod liver oil at every breakfast

13 May 2015

Hotspring of the day
Sod houses
Co-pilot GPS app guiding us into "Soda-cracker". Miklegauder Guesthouse.
Lunch. Take off 2 zeroes for price in $Cdn.

12 May 2015

Grjotagja. Tectonic split. Hotspring caves. 45 C. The best.
Hofdi @ Lake Myvatn.

11 May 2015

Just because
Ahh. Myvatn Hotspring spa. Blue Lagoon of the North. Way better.
Steaming earth.
Hverfjall crater. Erupted 5,000 years ago.
North of the Wall. Jon Snow & the wildings lurk
Lunch menu. Divide by 100 to find Canadian dollars. Right $23 burger.
White out. Slush. White knuckles. Made it to Myvatn.

10 May 2015

Seydisfjordur Walter Mitty filmed here.
This is what Rudolph looks like. Not a moose you Canucks.
Viking village. Movie to come. Viking cafe outside Hofn

9 May 2015

Dyrholaos. Black sands. Nicer than Vic.
Another waterfall

7 May 2015

Day 1; Breakfast in Grindavik Best right off the plane. Before blue lagoon. Owner loves to chat up Iceland. Food great herring, smoked salmon breakfast. One dish is enough for 2. Especially at $20. Good coffee, locals and a few tourists.

6 August 2014

day 2 golden circle. Geysir, Gullfoss and Pingvnr. "must see" tourist doeys. Interesting enough, but lots of people, roped off areas etc. Can say we "did it" nonetheless, Geysir was fun and the falls dramatic. ended the day at Fontana hot springs on the lake. nice spot...for $32 each. $8 for a towel, don't think so.