North America · 11 Days · 34 Moments · February 2018

Haley and Blayne's getaway to Arizona

25 February 2018

H - up up and away to home last night! Back to the winter wonderland ❄❄
H - last morning... We may be smiling but we're kinda upsetti about leaving. It will be nice to be home though :)

24 February 2018

B- this one is for dad... look at that agave plant!!! All the better for makong syrup AND tequila for you lol
H - we thought a word synonymous for troglobites was Haley...
B - We found a large sloth and large bat ears today at Kartchner Caverns. (All the better to hear your many criticisms)
H - got some pics of that pecan farm!
H - told by mom that these are apparently the remnants of that abandoned amusement park!

23 February 2018

H - tried out Culver's burgers tonight! Very delicious!

22 February 2018

H - so on our way to and from the museum, there were acres and acres is all directions of these trees but they looked dead! So I did some research and figured out it's a massive orchard of pecan trees! I didn't get a picture but it looked kind of like this but larger trees
H - we saw I think 5 trains today... seems like a lot!
Snapped a couple shots at the Pima Air and Space Museum today!
H - of course... it's talking about us
H - took a trip to the pima air and space museum today... a bit of a drive but gorgeous scenery and so worth it!!

21 February 2018

B - got some fancy nails done today!!
H - the moon is out so early!

20 February 2018

H - we did see wild horses but man they were far away...
H - almost adopted a puppy yesterday...
H - today's healthy breakfast brought to you by... cinnamon toast crunch :)
H - were ready for shopping!!
H - we miss our mugs we use... so we drew them in our good morning messages ❤☕

19 February 2018

B - When it's too late for breakfast so you settle on brunch!

18 February 2018

Dinner by the pool :)
B - Having a morning soak in the hot tub!! Ft. Coffee, of course.

17 February 2018

Sun's out so we can finally catch some rays in the pool!!
H - Not exactly the weather we were hoping for... but still nicer than home!

16 February 2018

B - it's a little too chilly to hop in the pool, but it's just right to dip our toes in and have a home made slurpee!!
H - oh boy... they blend in with the floor!
H - went to a beautiful Mexican restaurant and the food was delicious 😍
H - quite the set up
H - had to take a picture of this... why? Because fallout.
Got to pick some fresh fruit this morning to go with our coffee for breakfast!!!

15 February 2018

H - through security and now we wait... 2 hours before our flight. Definitely prepared
B - the farewells! See ya in 10 days 🖑
H - getting dropped off at the airport from dad and Gma after lunch at chianti's