Taiwan · 171 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Haley's hometown, Taiwan

19 July 2017

Shifen(十分), One of the popular sites in Northern Taiwan. It is famous with old town ,street, waterfall and small train. The country feeling around here is different from other city. Also, it's really crowed here, especially in weekend.
The most famous part of Shifen (十分)is the Sky lanttern! Writing down your wishes then fly the Sky lantern is the activity you must do!!!

18 July 2017

九份(Jiufen), one of famous sites if northen Taiwan. It shows the early Taiwan andJapanese style, not only the beautiful views but also the cultural atmosphere. A place really worth to visit.😀

13 June 2017

Taipei main station. Today, most of the transportations, like MRT, rail way and high speed rail, are underground.

29 May 2017

The international sand sculpture festival at Fu-Long beach

4 April 2017

The rock landscape of Yehliu Geopark is one of most famous wonders in the world. The most famous rock is Queen's head in this geopark.

29 January 2017

【Wunchang temple文昌宮】 "Wunchang" is the god of knowledge or studying in Taoism, One of mean religions in Taiwan. Therefore, there are many people come and pray for the good luck for the following exams and the acdamic performance, especially the students and their parents.