Iceland · 5 Days · 6 Moments · May 2018

Haley & Jordan’s Iceland Trip

6 May 2018

Can’t believe our trip is almost over! Spent the last full day exploring a few more waterfalls and a cave. We turned back on the hike to 1 waterfall since it included a knee deep river crossing (picture 3 shows a few girls crossing.. in bare feet 😟). And then we spent the afternoon in Reykjavik with an overly indulgent dinner at Sæta Svínið (Cute Pig) Gastropub and a game of uno at our campsite.

5 May 2018

Our morning started out great with chocolate chip pancakes and a sunny visit to Góðafoss waterfall! Next on the agenda was a swim at a heated outdoor pool but as we pulled into the parking lot it started to hail / snow / blizzard. Sooo quick change of plans and we headed to Steðji brewery 😃💨🌨🍺

4 May 2018

Visited the region of Mývatn today. The entire area smells like farts 💩 .... thanks to the sulphurous mud springs and steam vents. Fun fact: Picture 4 is a small cave (Grjótagjá) that was used during Game of Thrones filming!

3 May 2018

Woke up to snow! And then we visited all these easy to say places: Fjallsárlón, Jökulsárlón, Sveinsstekksfoss, Litlanesfoss and Seyðisfjarðarkirkja 😬

2 May 2018

Day 2: Visited the black sand beaches, another waterfall (they seem to be around every corner), and a glacial lagoon!

1 May 2018

We made it!! Moved into our camper van, explored a few waterfalls, and went for a dip in a hot spring (which was actually lukewarm). And experienced ALLLL the weather 🌧☀️💨❄️