Australia, Indonesia · 8 Days · 46 Moments · July 2018

Hadley5 in Bali

21 July 2018

The last morning in Bali. Gede picks us up at 9 and we travel back to where we started. A lovely week in Bali. The kids have a last round of freshly pressed fruit juices before we’re back up in the air. A quick shop in Hedland and we head back to Karratha. We enjoyed Bali with all its culture and craziness and hope to be back again one day. Sights, sounds and smells of Bali: scooters buzzing around Whistles blowing to stop traffic and let pedestrians pass Fuel smells on the roads Being offered hundreds of things as soon as you step foot on the street Suksma and mowali Stray dogs looking for scraps to eat Massages Lots of rubbish lying around crazy traffic but.... friendly and patient people Thousands of tourists especially in Legian Offerings and temples Smells of incense Tooting on the road Delicious fruit and freshly pressed fruit juices

20 July 2018

We have dinner again at Papa’s Limoncello. Christian decides to have a volcano pizza 🔥🌋 Afterwards the staff come out with a sing-song and the guitar man sings along. Christian has had enough of his birthday made public and begs us not to tell anymore people. 😉
We walk for about 30mins through the streets to get to Waterbom Park where we meet the rest of the family. We spend all day there and the kids love the rides. Christian enjoys a body boarding session on the Flowrider for half an hour. At about 5pm we catch a taxi ride to our favourite beach lounge. A few birthday drinks and dives into the pool, before we head back to get dry clothes on for dinner.
Getting ready to go to Waterbom Park.
At breakfast the staff surprise Christian. They sing Happy Birthday and spoil him with a birthday cake and candle.
HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY TO CHRISTIAN!! Teniel and Mum have a seperate room to the boys. They get up early and wake up the birthday boy with balloons and gifts. Christian is in his element with his Eagles guernsey and a kids Fitbit.

19 July 2018

Dinner near Alan Kul Kul. Tired family in bed early.
Cocktails and Mocktails by the pool - just what the doctor ordered.
Before we meet back up with the boys, Teniel has her hair braided Bali-style, on the beach. The beach is packed and they don’t tire of offering all kinds of merchandise. It’s a constant: No thank you! , until Teniel’s hair is done just under an hour.
On Thursday we explore Legian. We meet up with the Lindsay’s for a quick hello. We visit the spot where the Bali bombings took place. Marcus takes the boys for a surf. They rent the boards from Iwan, who we met at the wedding. Teniel and Anja go for a shop at the Beach walk shopping centre. We treat ourselves to a sushi train lunch.

18 July 2018

Gede takes us to the ‘swing - place’. Teniel & Christian give it a go! Both very brave and they love it.
After our last, delicious breakfast at the Holiday Inn we take a trip to Ubud. The shops are amazing, the food delicious at d’Alas (recommended by Dieter and Sonja) but traffic is crazy....

17 July 2018

Teniel is a beautiful flower girl and the boys scrub up nicely! 🤩
A very special day - Shannon & Jade become Mr & Mrs Cilli ❤️❤️❤️

16 July 2018

We love the Nudi Bar and the comfy lounges where we enjoy the Happy Hour and some good food. Tuesday - wedding day Teniel and Mummy enjoy a pampering session after the delicious breakfast! Teniel is off to join the bridal party to get ready for the wedding. The boys enjoy a banana boat ride on the beach before they scrub up for the wedding. Marcus has his own personal stylist!
A very overcrowded beach with local vendors, surfers and tourists all packed like sardines. Alex finds a broken pair of Giorgio Armani glasses and wears them for the rest of the afternoon. We have a quick look around but decide to head back.
We enjoy lunch at a lovely Indonesian Restaurant at a Rijstafel. Alex isn’t concerned with the food as it all tastes too different but the money absolutely fascinates him and he counts the thousands of Rupiah over and over. Gede takes us to Padang Padang, renowned for its good surf beaches and also where the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ was filmed. On the way down the steps to the overcrowded beach, a monkey throws a sunscreen at me. Yes- they are cheeky!
ULUWATU TEMPLE A sea of purple and orange sarongs and belts everywhere. The views are breathtaking. We were warned against the monkeys at the temple - strangely enough.. not one in sight.
Gede, our driver picks us up and we travel to Uluwatu. On the way there we stop over at a coffee farm and Baron, the host, shows us how the ‘Cats-‘poo’-chino is made. Initially we are hesitant but pluck the courage and try out all the delicious teas, coffees and the famous Luwak Coffee too. It tastes surprisingly good!

15 July 2018

A wedding ceremony on the beachfront captures our attention. A beautiful Armenian couple say their vows and a crowd of tourists watch and cheer. Happy hour and mocktails and cocktails complete the night as we nestle into our favourite lounge at the Nudi Bar.
A fishspa is just what our tired feet are asking for. Alex and Christian dip their feet in first. Teniel is hesitant, but soon all 5 Hadleys have their feet nibbled on by tiny fish. These fish ‘Garra Rufa’, eat away at dead skin on the feet and legs. After a few excited squeals and shrieks, we all manage to calm down and enjoy the experience... A family massage follows and a delicious lunch to top it off. Marcus goes for a haircut. We meet Gede, a taxi driver, who becomes our driver for the rest of the holiday.
The boys are tired and want to go back to our resort but Teniel and Anja manage to convince them to ‘just keep walking’ as the Bali Collection Shopping Centre awaits. Beautiful flowers and buildings along the way and after 2kms, we arrive at our destination.
After a delicious breakfast, we decide to explore the streets behind the calm and safety of the boom gates . Uneven footpaths, scooters and cars weaving and dodging each other on the streets and an array of markets and shrines, capture our attention. Christian starts counting the offerings along the streets and shop fronts and in a small stretch, counts over 200. Alex doesn’t quite understand why we won’t let him take wrapped lollies from the offerings... It would be worth it just sitting on the side of the road and watching the traffic pass. So many near misses, tooting and waving; yet, no aggressiveness or road rage. Fuel is sold along the road. Some blue, some yellow: either super or lower quality. Lots of it in Absolut Vodka bottles with funnels, to fill up the scooter tanks. Old fashioned fuel stations amaze us. Tangled up powerlines above and ferrell dogs crossing the streets, makes for a colourful scenery.
Nusa Dua is at the southern end of the Peninsula and an enclave of high end hotels and resorts. We take a walk along the beach before breakfast and are amazed at the views but saddened by the rubbish lying around. We all ‘Take-5’ (rubbish bits) to dispose of.
Early morning views and Christian with a surprise early birthday cake that was put in the fridge for him 💙

14 July 2018

The family suite overlooking the ocean, is amazing. Christian has his towel shaped in the form of a birthday cake as his birthday is coming up soon. A lovely meal at the Nudi Bar and a cold Bintang Beer for the parents 🍻
Waiting in the lobby while checking in. Amazed by the luxury and looking forward to a nice meal.

13 July 2018

After a morning of packing and a quick goodbye to Faith, our bunny, we head off to Port Hedland. The obligatory ‘ring-game’ at Whim Creek to break up the trip. At the airport we enjoy a coffee while we wait for the plane. Teniel is reading non-stop and Christian and Alex manufacture a ball from Gladwrap to play Table-Fußball. In just under 2hrs we have our first glimpse of the island of Bali. The plane circles for about 15 mins, before it lands. Friendly smiles and thousands of posters and signs of taxis waiting to chauffeur their clients all over the city. Our chauffeur snakes through the crazy traffic and half an hour later, after our car is checked by security, we arrive at the very luxurious Holiday Inn at Nusa Dua.