China · 17 Days · 34 Moments · April 2016

GZ one more time

10 May 2016

On my way home this trip I am sitting in the same seat I sat the first trip to Asia. Full circle

4 May 2016

Grand Buddha Temple

3 May 2016

Modern Chinese architecture is always amazing to me. I really wish more US companies would use more innovative designs. Our skylines could use some interest.
Mosquito bites on my ankles. I probably have some Asian zeaka virus. Great my future babies are all going to have tiny heads.

1 May 2016

I think I have been alone with my own thoughts too long. It's totally weird to only heard foreign language for 24 hours. I got a voice text from the hubby and seraphim today, which was nice, but I might need to make more friends if I am going to stay here for long periods of time
There is food in the way of the shot but the most adorable baby keeps smiling and playing peek a boo with me. The family is great, every time the baby strays to hate being stuck at dinner, the mom or the dad takes him (maybe her) outside.
You know when you're really hungry, like hangry, but you can't think of anything thing your neighborhood too eat. Take that feeling and put yourself in a place where nothing is written in your language, doesn't take American cards and is 80 degrees with 100% humidity. Oh and don't forget a people who really don't get personal space on sidewalks and pedestrians definitely don't have the right away... Yeah that feeling

30 April 2016

Explored the subway thanks to my friend here. It's pretty easy to get around. And they have wine, so win win!!!
Really cute leather line called MEOW. My mother in law gave me a little cash for my bday to buy something fun... Yes I totally got adorable cat leather.
Graphic inspiration
Exploring contemporary art in a museum at the top of flats high rise. Some really cool stuff up there.
Wonderful German food with GZ friends. Benson and his BF. I am thankful I can make friends anywhere. Being gay helps that though.
Designer giving all the sick designs to Asia!!! So much cool!

29 April 2016

The start of a wonderful Korean dinner. Kimchi, veggies, squash soup... And a beer for good measure
Love the clouds!!! I need to use them in a design
Yes this is what it looks like, a liqueur distilled with snakes. Yum...
Looks like I'll go check out some techno tonight. Take myself on a little EDM date.
Grumble grumble not home for awesome super hero movies... 😡
Not sure what the say, but he graphic design is killer!

28 April 2016

Don't judge me, but I have learned how I judge if a company is legit or not... How hot is the driver that takes us around. Kidding... Or am I?
Pidgin, the meat is not worth the effort to get too. Wasn't bad, just not worth it.
Black chicken soup in a coconut bowl. Literally the meat and bones of this bird are black. Totally crazy.
Birthday in GZ with coworkers. A very sweet night. Cute also because we shared three bottles of wine over 4 hours with 5 people and the girls were worried I might be drunk. Nope that is not how that works.

27 April 2016

So the factory gave a surprise bday party at the KTV. Totally random and sweet. Can't wait to see the pictures. We played a dice game I can finally wrap my head around. It's simple when I write it here, but the first two times I had it explained by a person speaking Mandarin. You can see how that would be hard to get. -5 dice, -Shake in cup -Turn over, -Three die need to equal "10", if not your out, (my-ayo being Chinese for zero) - if you have 10, the person with the two = the highest number wins. (Three die = 10, the sum of remaining two is the number that wins) -if two both have zero they re roll until the one is out (zero) - same goes for tie at the top Normally it's a game for money, but at KTV it's for drinks. Meaning loser does a shot. But it's a shot of beer, so really not a drinking by college standards.
Having the best time, taking about Classical Chinese vrs modern, and their zodiac.
Biggest oyster I have ever had.
The Liquor Store a post in verse: The liquor store down the road, It seems like the places of my youth, Poor, run down, and a store on the corner with liquor and cigarettes. This store also has so many things my youth would not recognize, It's foods and language would have might as well have been from a far of planet, This one is bathed in the soft warm glow of the mid day Canton sun, Moist from the humidity of South East Asia, Moist form the sweat of men and women who toile in city made from jungle Yet still... Still seems, familiar. Harsh grain alcohol, you could lite fire from, Harsh grain clear liquids here to lite a fire in men's bellies, Lite fires that to burn nerve endings and bring a numbness and help to deal, Cigarettes who's smoke fill the lungs, Smoke that will someday leave sons without their moms, Smoke that comes if bright packages and deep graves,
Wood cut and laid like pires, Not pires of destruction to burn flesh to ask, But pires of life, Wood cut and laid like pires, Set to build the growing machine that is progress, Wood cut and laid like pires, To bring a village the promise a modern age,

26 April 2016

Chinese breakfast! Nums, curry puff, duck egg, ham, "corn milk" and other assorted yummies.

25 April 2016

On another long road in China, and by the gods I have to pee. Spent the day at a factory and made deals over drinks... Good gods I love my life but after hours I need to pee
Pigs blood soup and prawns, cause yeah I am in China.

24 April 2016

You never know where you'll find inspiration for a project. This will be great for CNC.
Landed safely but had to wait a few hours for my room, which isn't fun after a 15 hour flight. But I was able to explore a bit, which was nice.
Yep bamboo is used as scaffolding. Finally I got a close up picture