Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 191 Days · 75 Moments · August 2017

22 February 2018

Beautiful sunset at one of Lomboks amazing beaches

22 February 2018

Exploring around Bali!
Hiking up some pretty waterfalls, visiting one of the most beautiful temples I've seen and joining one of Ubud's famous silver making classes

20 February 2018

Cycling through the rice fields!

18 February 2018

Chilling and snorkelling at Gili T, our pretty accomodation in Lombok & learning how to surf

13 February 2018

Chilling in Ubud - heaven for Pilates, spa, hipster cafés and architecture

11 February 2018

After all the hiking this is the place where we are going to relax for the next couple of days ☀️☀️
Yesterday we did something amazing. In the middle of the night we hiked up Mount Ijen, to go down in the crater close to a sulphur mine. The hike down was incredibly challenging, especially in the dark, but when we came down we saw blue flames! Blue flames only happen in two places in the world and are quite poisonous, which is why we had to wear a gas mask. Didn't capture it on picture, but will remember this forever!

9 February 2018

Hiking in the complete darkness to watch the sunrise on Mount Bromo!

8 February 2018

Visiting the water palace and chilling with beer and chess. Life is good.

7 February 2018

Scootering to the beautiful temple Borobudur and getting caught in a rainstorm on the way back - it is definitely rain season here, but luckily it is dry most of the time

6 February 2018

Landed in Jakarta and after a day of being caught in a jetlag and a tropical rainstorm (thus not doing much), we took the train to Yogyakarta. The train ride was stunning and we ended the day eating streetfood surrounded by weird Asian tourist cars

11 January 2018

Walking around in Nyhavn, which reminds me a lot of Bryggen in Bergen and ending the day with my Danish friend I actually met in Bergen: Ester! Was so nice to catch up!
Spending the week in Copenhagen visiting Monica! Sightseeing goes very slowly though, since I have to warm up with tea every couple of hours ☕️

31 December 2017

New Years weekend in London ⭐️🍷

9 December 2017

Arrived in Nepal and the change was just shocking: from quiet and superclean New Zealand to extremely busy and dirty Kathmandu. Booked the bus to Pokhara immediately and this lovely town was a great place to relax and prepare for my big trekking!

27 November 2017

On top of the Rocky Mountain in Mt. Aspiring National Park
Wanaka is hiking paradise!

26 November 2017

As we came closer to Wanaka the views just kept getting better! Thus we made way to many stops and pitched our tent just minutes before it got dark 🙈

25 November 2017

After a morning run around the lake you see on the first picture, we headed to Fox Glacier before hitting the road to our favorite place in New Zealand: Wanaka
Roadtrip to the Franz Josef Glacier!

23 November 2017

On this day I had the brilliant plan to visit a ghost town. The path to the ghost town was a dirt road through a very narrow forest which looked a lot like the beginning of a horror movie. Once we got there we were nearly the only tourists, which made the atmosphere of this old mine town even more scary. The town used to have more than 3000 inhabitants, who all left when the gold mine collapsed since it was the only form of employment. Most of them took their houses with them, but some fabrics and machinery were left. Jordan was scared to death and didnt dare to go in any of the left houses! I did, but when we came back we both needed a couple of beers. Luckily I had already booked a tour at Monteiths brewery. Great beer, it has just been bought by Heineken so keep an eye out for it!
On the same day as the last update we also made a stop to see the famous Pancake Rocks. Their name obviously comes from the shape, but the fun fact is that no expert knows how the rocks got this shape!

22 November 2017

After all the hiking our road trip continued over one of the most scenic routes in the world! We drove around all day making many picture stops.

21 November 2017

After a night camping on the beach and a very cold morning dip in the sea we were ready for the rest of the Great Walk. We had to plan the route carefully, because some parts were only walkable at low tide. But this made the views on the second and third day even more stunning than on day one!

20 November 2017

My first trekking: the Abel Tasman national park. This is day one where we started way too late, but found out we were way faster than the signs. So we had enough time to enjoy the beautiful views anyway 🤗

19 November 2017

Rented our beloved Vino in Picton so we have all the freedom in the world to cross around the South Island (and to save us from a hernia). We had big plans for the day which included drinking wine at vineyards, but we couldnt really be bothered anymore because of the sunshine on our campsite. So we drank wine at the campsite!

17 November 2017

Spending the night in Windy Wellington before taking the ferry to the South Island we heard so much about!
It was time to experience nature in some other way than hiking: cycling through the wine fields in Martinborough! Though one could say it was more wine tasting than cycling.. The weather was perfect and the wines and food were great. So tip of the day: try wine from New Zealand!

15 November 2017

One of my favorite days in New Zealand: the Tongariro crossing! The hike brings you past Mount Doom of Lord of the Rings, on top of a volcano where you have to almost slide down (wasn't a great match with my fear of heights), past the most beautifully colored lakes and some very hot areas where the earth was steaming.

13 November 2017

The last day in Rotorua we drove around in our rental car and chilled at the riverside, where we spotted a lot of birds

12 November 2017

The second day the weather cleared up, so it was time for some hiking! On top of the mountain we had stunning views of Hobbitland and that night we did our first camping!

11 November 2017

After a very, very long and horrible journey from Bangkok to New Zealand, where we first found out that we were flying off different airports in Bangkok, then we found out we couldnt check in before we had a plane ticket out off New Zealand and thus Jordan missed his flight while I made mine just in time, only to find out AirAsia doesnt serve any food or even water on a 20 hour plane ride, we arrived in Auckland! Our plan was to go camping, so we bought secondhand camping gear and took off to Rotorua. By bus. So all the camping gear had to be attached to our backpacks. So there we were with two chairs, a tent, sleeping bags and mats, a gas stove and cutlery attached to our bags. We were about 10 times our usual size, luckily we didnt have to walk very far! The first day in Rotorua it was very cold, so after a walk around town we went to the outside hot pools for a very relaxing afternoon 😊

5 November 2017

Elephants and bunnies in Thailand with a touch of conscious travelling by planting a tree 🐰🐘🌳 (Though I dont think planting one tree undoes all the flying I did this year 🤔)

29 October 2017

Koh Rong chillings 🌴☀️

24 October 2017

Before Sophie got on the plane in Phnom Penh she did the bravest thing ever: a 2,50$ haircut at a market! I think I was more scared than she was, but the result looked good! We went to the palace of the royal family and then it was time to say goodbye, so weird after 2 months of travelling together

23 October 2017

The last day in Ratanikiri we went on a jungle hike with a guide from one of the tribes. He cooked our food in bamboo with plants we collected along the way while we swam in the lake, a very good last day together with Sophie!

22 October 2017

In the final days of Sophie's trip, we decided to go off the beaten track once more and ended up in Ratanikiri. We stayed at Family House and the host was so sweet! He took us around on motorbike the first day. We visited a waterfall, the crater lake and a gemstone mine. In the evening I ate insects for the first time in my life! 😨 Was not that bad!

21 October 2017

We don't have that many pictures of Phnom Penh, since we did very impressive visits to the Killing Fields and S21 prison. During the time of the Khmer Rouge 1/4 of the Cambodian population was killed, and the Killing Fields close to Phnom Penh is one of many mass graves. We could actually see the clothing and skulls of the victims. S21 was even more awful to see, it was a top secret prison where people were send to and where they were tortured every day, they only stopped when they were just about to die, so they could torture them again the next day. There are pictures of all the victims on the walls and paintings one of the survivors made of the torturing methods. Something one must see, but emotionally very heavy. The next day we did some lighter tourism, walking around town and drinking wine at the riverside.

19 October 2017

Chilling at the beach and eating fresh fish in Kep! ☀️🌴🐠

18 October 2017

The second day in the most relaxed town on earth we went to a pepper plantation, where we got a tour around the plantation and tried Pepper tea. Just like the guide said we've turned into real peppersnobs now. Afterwards we planned om motor biking to some caves, but the weather had other plans. We got stuck into a tropical rain storm and the roads flooded! After we made it back alive we had some hot chocolate and a Korean BBQ 😄

17 October 2017

Relaxing in Kampot; taking selfies with my Chinese horoscope and enjoying the view on top of a mountain

16 October 2017

After being tired of temples we went to a floating village. In the rainy season the ppl live surrounded by water, in the dry season the water disappears and they live on land/mud. The village was built around the temple (so yet another temple, no break from them after all 😆). The temple was built by a king who lost his elephants on that spot during the flood. Why they thought it would be a good spot to built a village after some elephants drowned there was a question that remained unanswered.

15 October 2017

'Templing' day 2: the very famous Angkor Watt, biggest temple in the world, and a temple covered in trees, which was actually my favorite.

14 October 2017

Arrived in Cambodia and started with one of the highlights of my trip: the temples at Siem Reap!

10 October 2017

The last couple of days in Lao we took a slowboat over the Mekong, the pictures show the stunning views we had for hours and hours 😊

9 October 2017

Mountainbiking in Northern Lao day 2: in the morning we went to a local market, where they sold the weirdest stuff like rats and cow heads. Afterwards we went off road through a lot of mud to cycle past some amazing rice fields!

8 October 2017

Mountain biking in Northern Lao day 1: a very very steep ride up the mountain, luckily we had some stops at the tribe villages! There are a lot of minority tribes in Lao, they speak there own language and believe in spirits. Was so interesting to see their way of life!

6 October 2017

In Luang Prabang we were very lucky, because there was a Buddhist festival going on when we arrived. You buy this flowerpiece, light the candle and put something off yourself on it, either a hair or a finger nail. Then you put the flowerpiece in the river and hope it works so that the next year is prosperous for you and those around you!

1 October 2017

We had a nice time in Vientiane! We motorbiked to the buddha park, which was a crazy sight. There were creatures with multiple arms and heads and a basement which represented the underworld, which actually creeped us out a bit. Afterwards we went to the Arc du Triomphe, which was a gift from China after they defeated the French, which we thought was quite ironic. Vientiane is a great culinary city, and I had my first Belgian beer in weeks which made me really happy 😄😄

29 September 2017

The last two days in Vietnam we spend in Hanoi. The city is completely different from Saigon in the south, there are nearly no high buildings and its a lot more quiet. The homemade beer they made was only 0,20€ so we had a fun time! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Laura, she went back home while Sophie and I took a 22 (!) hour bus ride to Vientiane in Laos

27 September 2017

Sa Pa was such an amazing experience! We stayed at the home of Mama Ti, who is part of a small tribe in the mountains. She took us out for hikes, cooked the most amazing food and in the night we drank a lot of happy water (Rice wine). In the last picture Laura and I are wearing tribe skirts Mama Ti made. We still miss her!

22 September 2017

Chilling on Cat Ba Island! 🌴 Little bit longer than expected because of a typhoon, but at least we'll start our Sa Pa trekking fully rested 😊

21 September 2017

Ancient Hue and the forbidden city of the Nguyen dynasty
One of the most beautiful roads in the world: the Hai Van pass (mostly known from Top Gear). Definitely one of the highlights of our trip through Vietnam!

20 September 2017

The Paradise Cave was def worth the 10 hours bus ride 😍

18 September 2017

Day 3 in Hoi An: finishing our own designed dresses at our lovely tailors after a way too hot visit to the ruins of My Son. Our tour guide only mentioned the bombing by the Americans about 12 times by the way, which really isnt a lot! 😆

17 September 2017

Day 2 in Hoi An: cycled to the beach and joined a spring roll making class 😄

16 September 2017

After a very long nightbus ride we arrived in Hoi An at 6 in the morning. We had a great day exploring the old town and cycling to a nearby village to see how Vietnamese people live. We ended the day with dinner and party, so we slept in this morning. Laura and I have some dresses made for us, which is a popular thing to do here because of the good handicraft. After lunch we'll head to the beach on our bikes!

13 September 2017

Da Lat was a blast! We staid in an amazing hostel and made many new friends! The people from the hostel were so nice, we had a family dinner with them and they organized beer pong in the evening! Da Lat has some amazing, Gaudi-like architecture; we visited the Crazy House and the Maze Bar (at the last one it took us ages to find the toilet, which isnt too nice after a few beers haha). We hiked to some amazing waterfalls as well. ☀️💧

10 September 2017

Ho Chi Minh treated us well ☀️🥂 The Cu Chi tunnels were extremely interesting, imagine living under the ground for so long! We went under for 40 meters and already felt like we couldn't breath properly.

4 September 2017

Malacca: home away from home. And I might have heen a bit too happy in the Hello Kitty car 🤗🤗

2 September 2017

Kuala Lumpur

31 August 2017

Last day at this beautiful island ☀️🏝🦀

24 August 2017

We survived the heat of the jungle! Had quite a hard time getting to the top of the mountain, but it was worth it! The night before we did a night walk in which we saw snakes, scorpions and spiders. Luckily we didn't ran into them the next day when we didn't have a guide 😬

22 August 2017

Hike in the mossy (according to us more muddy) forest and exploring some tea fields in the Cameron Highlands!

21 August 2017

Birthday hike with a lunch with a view!

19 August 2017

Infinity pool chillings ☀️✌️

18 August 2017

Holy cinnamon rolls 😍😍
Walk trough Little India!

17 August 2017

Dinner time!

16 August 2017

First thought: cool city! Second: I'm a giant...
Let's goooo