United States of America · 73 Days · 4 Moments · July 2016

Gwen's adventure in California, USA

11 October 2016

When you're on a road-trip through California don't miss the chance to spend a few days in Yosemite National Park! I've been to a lot of places but these beautiful landscapes overwhelmed me. Try to catch the sundown at Glacier Point and maybe take a beer or two with you, it's definitely worth it! Also hike the Muir Trail to see the beautiful water falls and breathtaking rocks and awkwardly fearless squirrels... make sure to book a campsite a few days or even weeks in advance cause they're sold out quick. Buy some wood at the park's store and have your meals by the fire. We made some awesome new friends who we spend our days in the park with. But don't bring your dog.. they're not allowed on most trails and our new camping buddies had to leave their dog in the car what breaks a dog persons heart. The whole park and all the exhausting trails are definitely worth a visit! I loved this inspiring and breathtaking place.

9 October 2016

If you could capture 'Peace' in a picture that's probably what it would look like. Just thinking back to this trip makes me feel relaxed. We visited Lake Tahoe and i think the pictures are speaking for themselves.. We went there in October so the water was ice cold but it was worth it to go off season because we had this place almost for our own. These pictures were taken at Sand Harbor and South Lake Tahoe, we didn't make it around the whole Lake but i recommend the South-East Cost cause it is so beautiful and perfect for a day trip before or after visiting Yosemite National Park. If you wanna stay overnight there are a lot of AirBnBs around.

12 September 2016

When you're in Palm Springs make sure to take the Ariel Tramway and spend a day in the National Park that brings you to a place where it's 10 Degrees Celsius (about 30F.) colder within minutes. The view is amazing and the change of temperature and landscape that you'll experience between Palm Springs' desert ground and the top of the mountains seems almost unreal. But check their opening times cause i'm pretty sure they have a break in autumn but open for skiing in winter again. You can also camp up there with a full store and restaurant at the tramway station but in my opinion a day trip is all you need to have a great experience.

30 July 2016

Many people chose to hike to the hollywood sign, what i did too of course, but if you're gonna do one hike, make the one to the Griffith Observatory. You can hike there or take a car/bus and then hike up to an even higher platform. I really recommend that hike to the higher platform. Bring some snacks and enough water to stay hydrated cause it's a little workout getting up there. Enjoy the sundown and then get back to the Observatory before it gets too dark. From there you have am amazing view over LA and the city lights by night! But especially in summer it get's really crowded there, it's somehow the place to meet for a lot of teenagers so if you plan on getting there by car make sure to be early enough or parking will be a problem.