Indonesia · 16 Days · 28 Moments · October 2014


31 October 2014

Back on bali to kill a bit of time on the beach before Japan! Not much interesting to report but bunnies! 😁🐇

30 October 2014

Nice day out today. Hired a moped and went for a drive and got lost, but managed to find two adjacent volcanos...... And a copper waving a $50 fine Corrupt tossers!!

29 October 2014

Second day in Ubud. After a spot of food poisoning we visit monkey forest and the elephant village, finally managing to eat a solid meal. 😪

27 October 2014

Very excited about getting my dive licence, time for some fun dives before my advanced in Thailand!

25 October 2014

Arrived back on Bali and getting stuck in to my open water and advanced dive course! 😁☀️🐬🐳🐋🐟🐠

24 October 2014

Last night on gili air was very random. Had an illegal cock fight at the side of my bungalow. And wrestled with a cat trying to steal my pizza.

21 October 2014

Day 4 of chilling out. Went on a glass bottom boat to a few snorkel spots and watched a movie on the beach. Film was crap but it was novelty.
Not much to report from gili air except sun, sea, sand and over indulgence. Fitting reward after the traumatic but fantastic 3days on Rinjani.

19 October 2014

The taxi delivers us an hour up the road to a hotel before the boat to gili air for a few days of doing nothing but laying on the beach and drinking cocktails! Manly male man style!
After 3days and around 50km I've reached the last checkpoint with the others in tow! No time to rest however, only 5km to go but after the trek it's going to be hell!
After a very windy, very sleepless night we head towards our last checkpoint before the last leg of our trip, which takes us 3 hours, 3 hours of down hill rocks, sand and tree roots. Everyone is ready to drop, but on we go.

18 October 2014

After bathing and lunch we set off again a little after 3pm and arriving at camp around 6:30pm. A total of 15 hours trekking (including bathing and lunch)
Had a colossal day today. After reaching the summit by 6:15am we were back on the track by 8:30 after breakfast no.2. After reaching the half way point we had an hour to swim/wash in the hot springs.
Boom 3726m and a total of 11 hours climbing and there she is....... The summit!
The sun starts to rise. So I'm going to have to get a wriggle on if I want to be on the right side of the mountain to see it.
55 minutes in and I love it already.
2:15 start. Enough said......

17 October 2014

6pm and finally get into my tent. Feet and legs are ready to fall off! But the evening meal topped off a gruelling but rewarding day.
2600m up and we reach the 1st checkpoint and the temperature is already starting to drop, and fast.
Halfway to halfway up. 1500m in.
We took a tiny pick up truck for an hour with six people crammed in the back. Not the kind of start you want before an 8 hour trek.
Today's the day. 3726m 2day accent to the summit of mt. Rinjani.

16 October 2014

Went for a walk to a water fall and were confronted by two very huge, very angry monkeys!
Arrived at Rinjani national park. Trembling as I wolf down my rice and vegetables in the shadow of mt. Rinjani, knowing I'll be attempting to conquer it in the morning at 5am!
Finally get on the boat after the bus needing to stop and fill up with coolant.
DAY TWO:- 6am start and the waiting begins.

15 October 2014

First and last night on the beach in Bali. Forward to Lombok at 6am to prep for a 3day volcano climb.🗻
First impressions of Bali........? 'Little Australia'. There's more over weight middle aged Ozzie couples and/or families here you can crash a scooter into. Not really what I expected(or hoped for). It's the Oceania's answer to Benadorm. However the beach is pleasant. Verdict:- get in get out, much the same as Bangkok.